BUSE Accepted Students Campus Accommodation 2020

Bindura University of Science Education, BUSE Accepted Students Campus Accommodation

BUSE Accepted Students Campus Accommodation

The following students were accepted into the halls of residence for the August to December 2020 semester for the period 01-31 October. Part 1.1 (new students) are to check in on Thursday 01 October 2020 at their respective halls of residence as indicated on the lists.


The BUSE Accepted Students Campus accommodation fees for the period 01-31 October is ZW$2550 which should be paid into the ZB or CBZ university fees accounts on or before the 1st of October 2020. Students are advised to quote their registration details correctly. The bank account details are on the website or the student’s offer letter. Students who had been allocated and had paid accommodation fees for the Feb –June 2020 semester which was deferred to August 2020 are required to top up their accommodation fees.

Bindura University of Science Education CHECK-IN PROCEDURES

1. Students will proceed to the allocated hostel as advised on the list where they will be assisted by the accommodation officers to check into their rooms

2. Students are kindly advised to bring proof that they have paid the accommodation fees in full, failure of which they will not be allowed to check-in.


Students who fail to check into the halls of residence by Sunday 4 October 2020 without communicating with the Accommodation Officer will be replaced.


Students are advised that the preparation of meals in the hostel kitchenettes is currently suspended to allow for renovations. Students will be required to buy food from the university canteen or any recommended food outlets. Students are allowed to bring an electric water jug and iron only. Cooking utensils or any other gadgets used in the preparation of food are not allowed into the hostels. The prohibited items which find their way into the hostels will be confiscated and the offender will be excluded from the halls of residence with immediate effect. Further, students are advised that candles and matches are not allowed in the halls of residence to minimize the risk of fire.

For any inquiries regarding campus accommodation kindly contact the accommodation office through the BUSE lines 0772154882-9 EXT 6012


Those students who failed to secure campus accommodation should contact the off-campus coordinator Mr Mutambisi on 0773858788 or email smutambisi@buse.ac.zw

Download List of Off-Campus Accommodation


The Student Catering Services will provide meals at the prices listed below

Meal Description Price
Sadza, beef stew (2 pieces) & vegetablesZWL 80-00
Sadza, beef stew (1 piece) & vegetablesZWL 60-00
Sadza, Chicken (1 piece) & vegetablesZWL 80-00
Rice & Chicken + saladZWL  120-00
Sadza& VegetablesZWL  35-00
Sadza Beans & VegetablesZWL  40-00
Rice  & BeansZWL   40-00
Sadza & OffalsZWL   60-00
Breakfast: Tea/Coffee & buttered breadZWL   40-00
Chips & Hungarian/Russian sausageZWL   85-00


Bindura University of Science Education says that All first-year (1:1) students with queries concerning registration are advised to bring proof of payment to enable them to be registered.

Check the recent notice on registration

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Expiration: 1st October 2020




Institution: Bindura University of Science Education | www.buse.ac.zw

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