Special Education in Zambia

    Special education simply refers to the learning provided to students with special needs such as students with learning disabilities or mental challenges. Special education could be the reading help given to a student who is dyslexic.
    Dyslexia is a learning disorder where the affected person has difficulty in identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Also known as reading disability, it affects areas of the brain that process language.
    Special education was started by the voluntary organization pioneers (missionaries) in Zambia in 1905.

    Special Education Schools in Zambia

    Here is the list of top special education schools in Zambia

    • Patrick Speech And Language Centre
    • Munali Secondary School
    • Nansenga Primary School
    • Zambia Institute of Special Education
    • Bauleni Special Needs Project
    • Hopeful child academy special education centre
    • Patrick Speech And Language Centre
    • Little Assisi School for Children with Learning Disabilities
    • Benevolence Special School
    • Namununga School
    • Licef Primary and Secondary School
    • St Mulumba Special School
    • International School of Lusaka
    • Woodford School LUSAKA
    • Baobab College
    • Namununga School
    • Lake Road PTA School
    • Kabulonga Primary School
    • Makeni College School Of Nursing (Teliwe)
    • Rhodes Park School
    • IDE – The University of Zambia

    Special Education Policies in Zambia

    Policies have been enacted to govern special education in Zambia.

    Policies such as the Disabled Persons Act of 1992 guarantees children with disabilities access to public premises, services, amenities, and employment, the 1987 Policy of Integration (Education Secretary, 1990) makes provision for and guides schools in the placement of children with disabilities in different educational environments including special classes, resource rooms, and special schools, while the Chief Education Officer (1989) guarantees access to the general education curriculum for every child including children with disabilities (Chitiyo, 2009).

    Educating Our Future (Ministry of Education, 1996) is another policy focused on formal education is another.

    Check Positive Developments in Special Education in Zambia and Zimbabwe PDF

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