University of the Witwatersrand List of Courses Offered

University of the Witwatersrand, WITS list of available courses for bachelor, master, diploma, and doctorate (Ph. D) is accessible online.

University of the Witwatersrand

The Management of University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) successfully uploads the courses they offer to help prospective students to know what courses are available for admission.

University of the Witwatersrand List of Courses

WITS offers 31 courses. The University of the Witwatersrand website, ‘’ records 4 LAW AND MANAGEMENT, 7 ENGINEERING, 9 HEALTH SCIENCES, 11 HUMANITIES.

Here is the list of courses offered:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce: BCom.
    1. options include the double major flexible general BCom, or
    2. fixed curriculum specialisations in Accounting, Law, Information Systems, and the PPE, or
    3. popular fixed combinations are Economics and Finance or Management; Finance and Management or Insurance Risk Management; Human Resource Management and Management or Marketing; Management and Marketing or Insurance Risk Managment.
  2. Bachelor of Accounting Science: BAccSc
  3. Bachelor of Economic Science: BEconSc
  4. Bachelor of Laws: LLB
  1. Bachelor of Science (Engineering) – BSc Eng
  2. Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Arts – BEngSC (Digital Arts)
  3. Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering – BEngSC(BME)
  4. Bachelor of Architectural Studies – BAS
  5. Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning – BSc (URP)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies- BSc (CS)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Property Studies – BSc (PS)
  1. Bachelor of Health Sciences – BHSc (Biomedical Sciences, Biokinetics or Health Systems Sciences)
  2. Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice – BCMP
  3. Bachelor of Dental Science – BDS
  4. Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences – BOHSc
  5. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – MBBCh
  6. Bachelor of Nursing – BNurs
  7. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy – BSc(OT)
  8. Bachelor of Pharmacy – BPharm
  9. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy – BSc(Physiotherapy)
  1. Bachelor of Arts – BA (3 years)
    1. A BA programme is made up of two major subjects and 16 additional courses. A major is a subject that you take from first year through to third year. This means you study the same subject in first, second and third year.

Professional and Specialist Programmes (all 4 years)

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts – BA Digital Arts
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art – BA (Dramatic Art)
  3. Bachelor of Education – BEd
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television – BAFT
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts – BA Fine Arts
  6. Bachelor of Music – BMus
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Performing and Visual Arts – BA Performing and Visual Art
  8. Bachelor of Social Work – BA (Social Work)
  9. Bachelor of Audiology
  10. Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology

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