Doxa Deo School of Divinity List of Courses Offered

Doxa Deo School of Divinity, DOXADEO list of available courses for bachelor, master, diploma, and doctorate (Ph. D) is accessible online.

Doxa Deo School of Divinity]


The Management of Doxa Deo School of Divinity (DOXADEO) successfully uploads the courses they offer to help prospective students to know what courses are available for admission.

Doxa Deo School of Divinity List of Courses


Here is the list of courses offered:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management (HEQSF Aligned)
  2. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (HEQSF Aligned)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management (HEQSF Aligned)
  4. Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (HEQSF Aligned)
  5. Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (HEQSF Aligned)
  • Higher Certificate in PC Engineering
  1. Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  2. Diploma in Business management
  3. Diploma in Photography
  4. Diploma in Marketing Management
  5. Diploma in Sound Technology
  6. Diploma in Media and Graphic Design
  7. Diploma in Media and Graphic design
  8. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  10. National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (ICB)
  11. Diploma in Public Administration
  12. Diploma in Public Administration
  13. National Diploma: Financial Accounting (ICB)
  14. Diploma in Public Relations
  15. Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies
  16. Diploma in Office Management
  17. Diploma in Information Technology
  18. Diploma in Financial Accounting
  1. National N Diploma: Chemical Engineering
  2. Damelin Media Design and Technology Certificate
  3. National N Diploma: Electrical Engineering
  4. Damelin Fashion Design and Retail Buying Certificate
  5. National N Diploma: Mechanical Engineering
  6. Damelin TV and Radio Presenting Certificate
  7. Diploma: Office Administration (ICB)
  8. National N Diploma: Civil Engineering*
  9. National Certificate: Banking
  10. Diploma: Public Sector Accounting (ICB)
  11. Foundation Certificate (N1 – N2): Engineering Studies
  12. National N Diploma: Business Management
  13. Certificate: Office Administration (ICB)
  14. National N4 Certificate (Engineering Studies) [University of Technology Access Programme]
  15. National N Diploma: Human Resource Management
  16. FET Certificate: Project Management
  17. FET Certificate: PC Engineering
  18. National N Diploma: Marketing Management
  19. FET Certificate: Marketing
  20. FET Certificate: IT: Systems Development (Computer Programming)
  21. National N Diploma: Financial Management
  22. FET Certificate: Human Resources Management and Practices Support
  23. National Certificate: IT: Systems Support
  24. National N Diploma: Public Management
  25. National Certificate: Bookkeeping (ICB)
  26. National Certificate: IT: Systems Development(Computer Programming Specialist)
  27. National N Diploma: Tourism
  28. FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (ICB)
  29. National Certificate: IT: End User Computing
  30. National N Diploma in Management Assistant
  31. National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (ICB)
  32. FET Certificate: Food and Beverage Services
  33. National N Diploma in Public Relations
  34. Higher Certificate: Office Administration (ICB)
  35. Damelin Conference, Exhibition & Event Management Certificate
  36. National N Diploma in Educare
  37. National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting (ICB)
  38. Damelin Cabin Crew Certificate
  39. National N Diploma: Popular Music: Performance
  40. CIS Professional Advanced Qualification: Governance & Administration
  41. Further Education and Training Certificate: Accommodation Operations and Services
  42. Higher Certificate: Early Childhood Development
  43. National Certificate: Music Industry: Sound Technology
  1. Advanced Brand Strategy Online Short Course
  2. Accounting Online Short Course
  3. Adobe Design Applications: Adobe Illustrator Online Short Course
  4. Adobe Design Applications: Adobe InDesign Online Short Course
  5. Adobe Design Applications: Adobe Photoshop Online Short Course
  6. Adobe Design Applications: Graphic Design Online Short Course
  7. Advanced Microsoft Excel Online Short Course
  8. Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Online Short Course
  9. Advanced Microsoft Word Online Short Course
  10. Agile Human Resources Online Short Course
  11. AI for Business Managers Online Short Course
  12. Beginner Microsoft Excel Online Short Course
  13. Big Data Online Short Course
  14. Business Administration Online Short Course
  15. Business Systems Analysis Online Short Course
  16. Certified Digital Marketing Associate: DMI Essentials
  17. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital and Social Selling
  18. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital Strategy and Planning
  19. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Search Marketing
  20. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media
  21. Certified Digital Marketing: DMI Pro
  22. Coding for Websites Online Short Course
  23. Cyber Security Fundamentals Online Short Course
  24. Data Analytics Online Short Course
  25. Disaster Risk Management Online Short Course
  26. EdTech in the Classroom Online Short Course
  27. Emotional Intelligence Online Short Course
  28. Entrepreneurship Online Short Course
  29. Events Management Online Short Course
  30. Finance for Non-financial Managers Online Short Course
  31. Foundations of Teaching Grade R Online Short Course
  32. Foundations of Teaching in Early Childhood Development Online Short Course
  33. Fundamentals of Business Finance Online Short Course
  34. Fundamentals of Mobile App Design Online Short Course
  35. Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support
  36. Hospitality Management Online Short Course
  37. Human Resource Management Online Short Course
  38. Intermediate Microsoft Excel Online Short Course
  39. Introduction to Bookkeeping Online Short Course
  40. Introduction to JavaScript Online Short Course
  41. Introduction to Management Online Short Course
  42. Introduction to Photography Online Short Course
  43. Introduction to Public Administration Online Short Course
  44. Introduction to Sustainable Development Online Short Course
  45. IT Management Online Short Course
  46. Labour Law Online Short Course
  47. Learn to Teach Online: Online Short Course
  48. Logistics Management Online Short Course
  49. Managing Social Media Risks Online Short Course
  50. Marketing Management Online Short Course
  51. Mind Power for Successful Managers Online Short Course
  52. National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing
  53. National Diploma: Human Resources Management and Practices
  54. National Diploma: Labour Relations Practice: Dispute Resolution: Legislation and Human Resource Support
  55. Online Learning: A Crash Course for Parents
  56. Online Personal Branding Online Short Course
  57. Operations Management Online Short Course
  58. Principles of Active Citizenship Online Short Course
  59. Principles of Graphic Design Online Short Course
  60. Project Management Online Short Course
  61. Public Relations Management Course Online Short Course
  62. Sales Fundamentals Online Short Course
  63. Strategic Management Online Short Course
  64. Supply Chain Management Online Short Course
  65. Teaching Remedial Learning Support Online Short Course
  66. Understanding Change Management Online Short Course
  67. UX/UI Design Online Short Course

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