Using the Yonskies Preparatory Tests in three steps

The available Yonskies Preparatory Tests are to help our Users prepare for almost any exam in all of Africa. We  are still working very hard to update the platform with as many exam preparatory tests as possible.

Steps to follow to take the Preparatory test

Taking the yonskies preparatory tests only requires that you go through three steps:

1 Create an account

The first step is to create an account. This account will enable us to be able to provide tests that are relevant to you based on the information you will provide. Creating an account with yonskies makes it possible for you to connect with other students on the platform who are taking the tests too and also makes it possible to manage your test results and other useful data.

2 Choosing the Test

Once you have created your account, and completed your profile with the data we request. You will see a form on your dashboard with the title start test.

On the test form, you will have options personified for you, based on your area/region and status.

3 Test and controlling your data

Complete the test form with the information of the test you want to take to begin the test. The test may have a timer depending on your choice.

You can choose to answer all questions or stop half way. The resulst appear on the dashboard as soon as you are done taking any of the tests.

You can check the leaderboard session under the questions menu to see other students’ scores and positions.