Trust in The Lord

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than two to trust in Man. Life isn’t the way we think it is but the deception of our adversary (The devil) makes people no longer trust in their Maker, sometimes we need help from people and when it doesn’t work out is as if that person is a bad person no he/she is not a bad person but because we have fastened our hope on that person that’s the room for disappointment.

Ahaz was a king he needed help but when God promised to help him he rejected the maker’s help and trusting on mere human (Teglath pileser II) King of Assyria and at last was so terrible and worst than before. His death(Ahaz) was a shameful type, sometimes we may see ourselves as sinners that’s why we cannot ask our Maker is a wrong thought His blood alone is for us and will set us free, people may help us but at last, it will end as Ahaz or the whole community will know that through this person he is what he is but is not so.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence Jeremiah 17:7 trusting in the Lord there is happiness, joy, divine strength is involved Peace of mind and all other blessings are included verse 8 says that they are like trees planted along the riversides which roots absorb water and good nourishing and the Leaves are evergreen every season.

When we trust God the devil will not even have access to come into our life but when we a being deceived by the things of this world that’s when the devil will tell us to welcome so is not God’s plan that His children should witness all this suffering but His will for us is to be happy and fasten our eye upon Him, He is our helper in times of need even till the end of the world, Amen.


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