The End Time Prophecy

Key Text: Mathew 24

State of the world

The world has been marked X for rolling away (destruction). The prophecy of our Lord Jesus Christ has come to fulfillment, let’s start with the times when the disciples were more concerned about the magnificent building but our Lord reply them with a sad event that will take place on the building that one stone will not be left behind another (the temple will be destroyed) and many will retire to a desolate area and observe their worship.

End Time Prophecies

Not long he sat upon mount olives, and continue with a sad event that will take place in the future (End of the World).

Many will come in his name and deceive many, who knows what their work is and what their aim is but christ will be their outermost evidence but the inner part of them they are children of disobedient who’s coming is working iniquities, deceivableness and lying wonders whom God will finally destroy them but the account and longsuffering are for repentance and reprove that no man should perish but come to life eternal.

Many will be deceived and led out from the right way to the way of destruction. Wars and rumors of wars are of greater effect to humanity which results in lack of peace, hope, joy, togetherness, and also cause influence in Economy.

Pestilences is of familiar effect in the society that causes a global outbreak which results in being ostracised by our loved ones and our maker (God) Earthquake is the commonest of it all in divers places but all this does not mark the end of the world rather it is the beginning of sorrows but the Gospel of our Lord Jesus will be preached to all the nation in the world and then the end comes.

Which this will result in a conflict of worship where the great controversy begins in worship as long as the devil imputing his false system of worship so as we never got tired of letting others understand the purpose of christ’s salvation to humanity.

False prophets, false christ, will come out to showcase their religious effort of deceiving and lying wonders but to those who hold fast to the truth will prevail, for the bible says ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free meaning that those who know the truth and work out the works of truth shall Christ meet them at the point of their need and God never let His people to wondered around but bring them to one fold.


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