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A gas with initial volume 2 x 10-6m
allowed to expand to six times its initial
volume at constant pressure of
2 x 10-5Nm-2

. The work done is

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The diagram above shows a closed
square box of side 0.5m in a uniform
electric field E in the direction shown by
the arrows. What is the flux  for the

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A stone of mass 1kg is dropped from a
height of 10m above the ground and
falls freely under gravity. Its kinetic
energy 5m above the ground is then
equal to

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Which of the following metals will
provide the greatest shield against
ionizing radiation?

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In a Daniel Cell, the depolarizer, positive
and negative electrodes are

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The terrestrial telescope has one extra
lens more than the astronomical
telescope. The extra lens is for

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The particle emitted when K
19 decays

to K
19 is

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A cell of internal resistance r supplies
current to a 6.0 resistor and its
efficiency 75%, find the value of r.

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In the circuit diagram above, the
ammeter reads a current of 3A when R
is 5Ω and 6A when R is 2Ω. Determine
the value of x.

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In the diagram above, determine the
r.m.s. current.

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The magnetic force on a charged
particle moving with velocity v is

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The pressure of a given mass of a gas
changes from 300Nm-2

to 120Nm-2
while the temperature drops from
C to –73o
C. The ratio of the final
volume to the initial volume is

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The resultant of two forces acting on an
object is maximum if the angle between
them is

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A bread toaster uses a current of 4A
when plugged in a 240 volts line. It
takes one minute to toast slices of
bread. What is the energy consumed by
the toaster?

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A resistance R is connected across the
terminal of an electric cell of internal
resistance 2 and the voltage was
reduced to
of its nominal value. The

value of R is

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the driving mirror of a car has a radius
of curvature of 1m. A vehicle behind the
car is 4m from the mirror. Find the
image distance behind the mirror.

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The force on a current carrying
conductor in a magnetic field is
greatest when the

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A transistor functions mainly as a

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The diagram shows three capacitors C1,
C2 and C3 of capacitances 2F, 6F and
3F respectively. The potential
differences across C1, C2 and C3
respectively are

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A student is at a height 4m above the
ground during a thunderstorm. Given
that the potential difference between
the thunderstorm and the ground is
V, the electric field created by the
storm is

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Ice cubes are added to a glass of warm
water. The glass and water are cooled

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What is the angle of dip at the magnetic

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A working electric motor takes a current
of 1.5A when the p.d. across it is 250V.
If its efficiency is 80%, the power output

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The cost of running five 6W lamps and
four 100W lamps for 20 hours if
electrical energy costs N10.00 per KWh

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At resonance, the phase angle in an a.c.
circuit is

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In the diagram above, the current I is

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A cell can supply currents of 0.4A and
0.2A through a 4.0Ω and 10.0Ω
resistors respectively. The internal
resistance of the cell is

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The primary coil of a transformer has N
turns and is connected to a 120V a.c.
power line. If the secondary coil has
1000 turns and a terminal voltage of
1200 volts, what is the value of N?

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A ray of light strikes a plane mirror at an
angle of incidence of 35o

. If the mirror is

rotated through 10o

, through what
angle is the reflected ray rotated?

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The thermometric substance of an
absolute thermometer is

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The process of energy production in the
sun is

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When a piece of rectangular glass block
is inserted between two parallel plate
capacitors, at constant plate area and
distance of separation, the capacitance
of the capacitor will

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The efficiency of a machine is always
less than 100% because the

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I. Low pressure.
II. High pressure.
III. High p.d.
IV. Low p.d.
Which combination of the above is true
of the conduction of electricity through

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If a spherical metal bob of radius 3cm is
fully immersed in a cylinder containing
water and the water level rises by 1cm,
what is the radius of the cylinder?

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A string is fastened tightly between two
walls 24cm apart. The wavelength of
the second overtone is

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Find the frequencies of the first three
harmonics of a piano string of length
1.5m, if the velocity of the waves on the
string is 120ms-1

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The diagram above shows two
capacitors P and Q and capacitances
2F and 4F respectively connected to
a d.c. source. The ratio of energy stored
in P to Q is

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The diagram below is a block-and-tackle
pulley system in which an effort of 80N
is used to lift a load of 240N. The
efficiency of the machine is

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The height at which the atmosphere
ceases to exist is about 80km. If the
atmospheric pressure on the ground
level is 760mmHg, the pressure at a
height of 20km above the ground level

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A plane sound wave of frequency
85.5Hz and velocity 342ms-1

is reflected
from a vertical wall. At what distance
from the wall does the wave have an

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Which of the following consists entirely
vector quantities?

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I. The earth is not spherical but

elliptical in shape.
II. Variation in latitude and
III. Rotation of the earth on its axis.
IV. Variation in the density of the
On which combination of the above
does the weight of an object vary on
the earth’s surface?

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Energy losses through eddy currents are
reduced by using

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In the diagram above, which of the
simple pendula will resonate with P
when set into oscillation?

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