Lesson 9 Review: To Serve and to Save

Lesson 9 To Serve and to Save


Memory Text: Behold! My Servant whom I uphold, My Elect One in whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles (Isaiah 42:1, NKJV).

Walking with Jesus does not entail going to those places where Jesus’ footprints may be found, neither does it entail resting your eyes on the places Jesus’ eyes rested rather it entails doing as Jesus did while on earth. Isaiah speaks of a servant with a similar mission of mercy to Jesus’ mission in Isaiah 42:1-7. A mission to serve and to save.

What is the description of this Servant?

Isaiah 41:8 points that Israel/Jacob is the servant nation. From Isaiah 50:10 We see that the servant’s mission will be to save, hence the calling for obedience to the voice of the servant. Isaiah 50:10 further refers to the servant as a person, other later passages such as Isaiah 52:12, Isaiah 53:11 refer to the servant as a person too. Altogether, there are two servants of God, one is corporate (the nation) and the other is individual.

What is the role of the servant nation?

The role of the servant nation is to trust the true God to save them rather than other gods.

What are the roles and character of God’s unnamed servant?

  1. He provides justice for the nations
  2. He accomplishes His goals quietly and gently, but successfully
  3. He is a teacher
  4. He serves as a covenant between God and the people
  5. He gives light or hope by healing blindness and liberating prisoners

Who is this individual servant in the light of these descriptions?

The individual obviously refers to Jesus Christ, the root and shoot of Jesse.

How does the new testament prove that these descriptions are for Jesus?

Matthew 12 quotes from Isaiah 42 and applies it to the quiet healing of Jesus. Jesus and His disciples gained justice for people by delivering them from suffering, ignorance of God and bondage to evil (Luke 10:19). Jesus’ death ratifies the new covenant (Matthew 26:28). His death also gains justice for the world by casting out Satan who had assumed the position of ruler of this world.

What lesson does the prediction of Cyrus and his activities have for Us?

It shows Us that we have a God that sees far in the future accurately as Isaiah accurately predicted Cyrus, His name and what He would do and Isaiah who spoke of the prophecy was not around when the prophecies were fulfilled.

Why does God call Cyrus His anointed?

Cyrus, the Persian King was called anointed because God sent Him to deliver His people.

What was the hope given to the Israelites in advance?

The hope and comfort is in Isaiah 40, which depicts that although there would be punishment for forsaking God, there will be a comfort.

Why does God call the Individual Servant Israel if He is actually the Messiah?

The Individual Servant is called Israel because the Individual Servant becomes the ideal embodiment or representative of the nation, Israel whose failure has compromised the use of the name, Israel.

In Conclusion,

The first deliverer Cyrus spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah is to deliver Israel from the Babylonian captivity and the second deliverer, The Messiah was to restore justice and bring the community of survivors back to God. I pray We obey the voice of the Messiah who is willing to deliver Us from the punishments of sin in Jesus’ name.


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