Lesson 9 Review: Developing a Winning Attitude

Lesson 9 Review: Developing a Winning Attitude – August 22nd to August 29th, 2020 – Third Quarter of the year.


What attitude is regarded as a winning attitude?

The winning attitude refers to those manners We possess that is capable of winning souls for Christ.

What kind of attitude is capable of winning souls for Christ?

The kind of attitude that is capable of winning souls for Christ is the attitude One which receives Men struggling with Sin not minding the nature of their sin or reproach.

How are We sure the winning attitude mentioned above is right?

Jesus’ way of winning souls was a type that never despised sinners, instead, He received them as they were, show them love, and change their lives in the encounter. Jesus came to win souls, He came for the sinners, so to get these sinners He never condemned them.

Should We tell lies because We do not want to condemn them?

Certainly not, despite the fact that Jesus did not wish to condemn Sinners, he never approved of what they did. In some cases, He would rather say go and sin no more, the key is that He never rejected sinners, He received as many as would come to Him.

What are those examples in the bible where Jesus used this winning attitude?

This attitude the major influence when He was about to call His disciples, they were not perfect they had their weaknesses, but when He called each of them, the left all to follow Him. Jesus used the same winning attitude when He met with Zacchaeus the Tax Collector, though He was a Collector of Taxes, Jesus received Him and never condemned Him. Other instances include; Mary Magdalene, who notwithstanding her lifestyle did not condemn Her but received and touched Her life and She became so effective in the time of Jesus, Jesus used a friendly approach with the Samaritan woman and Her life was changed.

Is the approach the same for everyone?

The approach varies from person to person. Jesus usually used this receptivity attitude when He wanted to draw Someone to Himself, and to some it was different. In Monday’s lesson, The Canaanite woman’s request was turned down initially (Matthew 15:21-28), but the Jewish woman was complimented for Her actions (Mark 14:6-9). The attitude changes from situation to situation, The Canaanite wanted something from Jesus and Jesus had to decline at first so Her faith can be built the more, Jesus wanted the Jewish woman’s service and so Her actions were approved despite the fact that the people around criticized Her due to Her bad lifestyle. In the case of the Samaritan woman, Jesus wanted something from Her, and so the approach was different, He caught Her attention and then got to His point and She became a strong witness for Jesus (John 4:27-30, 39-42).

What should determine the approach We use in different situations?

No matter the situation, the truth should be presented in love, the key is love, we should not be quick to condemn anyone, rather in love receive everyone if Jesus did not have love He wouldn’t have granted the Canaanite’s woman’s request after she persisted, He wanted Her to value whatever would be done for Her.

What should be the foundation of our acceptance?

The foundation of our acceptance is Jesus Christ. He accepted everyone not minding how sinful We are, and so We have no reason to reject anyone.


We have to present the truth in love at all times just as Jesus did. We need to blend love with truth and not emphasize one above the other. In the course of presenting in love do not compromise, stand by the word of God which is Truth. Finally, we must accept everyone who comes to you for the sake of the gospel without discrimination.

We pray that God develops a winning attitude in Us in Jesus’ Name.

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