Lesson 8 Review: “Comfort My People”


Memory Text: “Get up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem, you who bring good tidings, lift up your voice with strength, lift it up, be not afraid; say to the cities of Judah, ‘Behold your God!’ “

After many years, God made it known to His people through Prophet Isaiah that the suffering and stress was really over with a statement that begins with ‘Comfort My People’. Just like in the world war II that had peace at last.

What time of punishment finally ended?

Though there are many answers to the questions There was punishment from Assyria, Babylon, the nation Isaiah wrote about.

How did God’s people receive this comfort?

God’s people gained back what they had received in Mount Sinai and then rejected all throughout their apostasy.

God’s presence and eternally dependable word bring comfort, deliverance and hope.

How should we get ourselves prepared for the Lord’s coming?
Repentance is the only way We as Sinners can get prepared for God’s coming.

Who will prepare the roadwork for the King of Kings?

The only One fit to prepare the road for the coming of the King of Kings, as this road is not a literal level super-highway. His transportation is on a chariot of cherubim.

When was the birth of Evangelism?

Evangelism was born when Anna, a prophetess announced publicly at the temple mountain to the people of Jerusalem that the Lord had come.

How do God’s mercy and power play together in saving His people?

It is because of God’s mercy that He would want to save them and His power let’s Him to be able to save.

How is Idolatry seen?

Idolatry is seen as spiritual adultery, replacing God with something else.

Is it okay to have idols that represent God?

No, it is not. No One can depict God, or His likeness so making an idol that represents God violates His commandments.

Can we have other gods before God unknowingly and how?

We may say we worship God only, but it is possible that we serve other things besides the Lord. If We pay more attention to any other thing than we do with God in such a way that it abates our love for God and interferes with the service due to Him, we practice idolatry.

In Conclusion,

The Israelites got comfort from the Lord just when they needed it. Once again, those who had been suffering, discouraged and confused had a reason to trust God. Whatever may be the challenge you may be facing now should not let you lose your trust in God. He is merciful and powerful and is always ready to save. His words bring comfort to us and it will remain so forevermore.


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