Lesson 7 Review: Defeat of the Assyrians


Memory Text: “ ‘O LORD of hosts, God of Israel, the One who dwells between the cherubim, You are God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth’ “ (Isaiah 37:16, NKJV).

King Sennacherib who was once regarded as the King of the world, King of Assyria meets defeat amidst all the booty and captives He acquired. This week’s lesson tells about the plight of God’s professed people.

What made King Hezekiah revolt against Assyria?

King Hezekiah had underestimated the resilience of the Assyrians seeing that they had become more vulnerable as King Sargon II of Assyria died

What arguments did rabshakeh use to intimidate Judah?

Rabshakeh argued that Israel cannot trust the Egyptians to save them, neither can they put their trust in God because King Hezekiah had already offended God by destroying His high places. He furthermore made Judah understand that they do not have sufficient resources to take 2,000 horses and if the gods of other countries they have conquered could not save them, Israel’s God will not save them either.

Was there any truth in rabshakeh’s argument?

Yes, and that was why his argument was so persuasive. The Assyrians had a very strong army with which they defeated the rest of the nations with. The Rabshakeh was also right in saying that King Hezekiah had offended the LORD because He had destroyed various places of sacrifice to centralize worship in Jerusalem.

How did rabshakeh’s argument affect King Hezekiah?

It made King Hezekiah fear and He had to turn to God, humbly seeking the intercession of Isaiah.

How did God encourage Hezekiah?

Since God was on the side of His people. Isaiah predicted that Sennacherib would hear a rumor that would distract him from attacking Judah which got fulfilled immediately.

Did the Assyrians actually defeat Judah?

According to Sennacherib’s annals, He took forty-six fortified towns and besieged Judah, but evidence from the bible and the carved pictures. The Bible tells that God defended Judah and Sennacherib had to return home where he met his own death. If Judah was defeated, the pictures would have shown Jerusalem in it rather than Lachish.

Why did God choose to reverse the shadow on the sundial of Ahaz?

This sign may have been chosen by God to attract the Babylonians who studied the movement of heavenly bodies to Judah. This attraction was expected to know more about God and glorify Him.

How did King Hezekiah nullify this dream?

He showed them the riches and treasures of His kingdom, thereby taking the glory to Himself rather than witnessing to them of the marvelous works of God and Hid majesty. King Hezekiah chose to exalt himself in the eyes of the foreign princes rather than God.

In Conclusion,

God showed mercy on Judah despite their unworthiness, He defended them from their enemies and He also provided an opportunity for others (Babylonians) to be his people. Despite our sinful nature, God is always ready to show us mercy if we can only acknowledge and turn to Him in humble prayer. I pray for God to give Us the attitude to ask for mercy whenever we may have gone wrong and also trust Him whenever we are shaken in Jesus’ name.



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