Lesson 6 Review: Playing God

Lesson 6 Review: Playing God


Memory Text: “‘Behold, this is our God; we have waited for Him, and He will save us. This is the LORD; we have waited for Him; we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation’“ (Isaiah 25:9, NKJV).

Pride has never respected the boundaries of reality; it was in the origin of sin and it always ends in sin always.

Why does the prophecy in Isaiah 13 begin with Babylon?

It begins with Babylon because they would become the great superpower in the region where Assyria is, and they would be the Ones to destroy the Judean Kingdom.

Why does our loving God allow Babylon to destroy Judah?

God is loving and He seeks to bring Us to repentance, God allowed this to happen to Judah so they can learn to rely on God only, God’s love is unending and sin is very bad. It separates Us from God and that is why He had to send His Son out of love to Save Us from the grave penalties of sin.

How did Babylon end?

The great city came to an end through abandonment after Cyrus had captured Babylon for the Medo-Persian empire.

What other prophecies seem to be foolish and impossible to Us?

The coming of would seem foolish and impossible to the unbeliever because He/She who does not believe that there is no God would consequentially not want to believe that the second coming of Jesus is sure, as all the evidence around Him seem to be vague and doubtful.

Why would we be foolish to dismiss the second coming of Christ as impossible?

We would be foolish to dismiss the second coming of Jesus as impossible because there is much evidence in the bible to prove it, all the signs are written in the bible that should precede the second coming of Jesus are fulfilling, God’s words have always come to pass from the beginning and He is a wise God and so it is foolishness to doubt the prophecy of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

How does the message in Isaiah 14 apply to the King of Babylon?

Isaiah 14:9, 10 portrays dead Kings greeting their new colleagues in the realm of death and Isaiah 4:11 talks about how maggots and worms would be the beddings of the king. This simply means that proud and haughty King will be brought low just the same way as the Kings before Him. However, this is not a commentary on the state of the dead.

 Why does Isaiah 14 compare Satan (the fallen star) with the king of Babylon?

This comparison was made because Satan was the One working through the King of Babylon to oppress the people. It is in a similar manner that the dragon battled to destroy the woman’s child in Revelation 12: 1-9, the dragon is Satan, but the One who tried to kill Jesus was King Herod, so Satan worked through King Herod to destroy the baby.

Why does Babylon later refer to Rome and to an evil power in the book of revelation?

Babylon was used to refer to Rome because of the sharp contrast between God’s model and Babylon. Babylon is known for its pride, and ruthless powers to oppress God’s people. The name “Bab ili” means ‘the gate of the god(s)’. When Jacob awoke from a dream he saw a ladder connecting heaven and earth and He exclaimed that it was the house of God, this means the gate of God too. The gate of god(s) and the gate of heaven are two opposite ways to reach divinity so if the person is not in humility and in accordance with God’s will, Babylon is used to describe such a person/group of persons. However, all true religion is based on the humble Bethel model. See Luke 18:9-14 for Jesus’ comparison.

Why does Isaiah’s description of the desolation of the earth look like john’s description of events connected with 1,000 years that follow Christ’s coming?

Knowing that aspects of literal Babylon apply to later powers, and the King of Babylon refers to the fusion of human rulers and the mastermind behind them, Satan Himself. The message of Babylon is fallen can be repeated at a later time, because Satan will be destroyed and He is the mastermind of literal Babylon.

Does God really destroy the wicked?

God who has the ultimate power of life and death and who determines the time, place, and manner of final destruction, lets the cause and effect of sin take place to terminate the curse of sin.

In Conclusion,

We cannot play God, working through God’s human enemies in presumption to play God would end in God’s prevalence. This will end in eternal peace to our troubled place. I pray that God grants Us the grace to put our full trust and hope in Him rather than try to play Him in Jesus’ name.


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