Lesson 6 Review: More Lessons from the Master Teacher

Memory Text: “Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go your way; your faith has made you well.’ And immediately He received his sight and followed Jesus on the road” (Mark10:52, NKJV).


We all have made mistakes and done regretful acts despite the variations in the sins we have committed. It is why mankind has only one solution for our sinfulness which is Jesus, and Christian education should point to Christ.

Why do We hide from God?

Our sinfulness makes Us hide from God. Hiding is the same step Adam and Eve took in the bible after they had sinned, so We are hidden from God because of our sins.

How can We stop hiding from God?

We cannot come out of this hiding by our own strength, only Jesus can do this for Us, Jesus has reconciled Us back to God so We can be able to be with God and no longer hiding.

Is Jesus’ reconciliation on the cross available for all?

Yes, it is, we may have sinned at different points in our life, we may be on the run to hiding places as a result of our sin, but God is still seeking to reach Us despite our sins.

Who is this Master Teacher?

In Wednesday’s lesson this Teacher is recognized as Jesus, John explained Him as the Word that became flesh, Jesus is God and He is the Ruler of everything, He alone is deserving to give Us the true education because He was the One that instituted everything from the beginning.

What is one of the lessons from Jesus’ teaching ministry?

Jesus as a teacher is always ready to listen to whatever We have to say despite how We say it, how filthy we are, or Who We are. The Canaanite woman was rebuked by Jesus upon requesting for healing, but instead of getting offended, she talked back in faith and Jesus still listened and made her desire done for Her.

What does Jesus desire His students to be more concerned about?

Jesus above all, wanted His students to see things from the spiritual aspect of it rather than the physical, it is about getting what the Master teacher is about. The disciples of Jesus had this challenge.

In Conclusion,

Matthew 5 contains the summary of what Jesus wanted His students to know, true education is about being the light in the darkness, and being salt of the earth. What We Do with the knowledge We receive is more important than the knowledge itself, we can get all the Christian education into our mind but without putting them to action it is pointless, we should be doers and not hearers only. This light should be spread to all the ends of the earth, as We do this the promises that follow will be our portion in Jesus’ name.


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