Lesson 5 Review: Children of the Promise


Memory Text: “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world” (Mat 28:20).

The little girl who went out to swim received a message from her father that if she gets tired, she should turn on her back to float. The father also promised Her that He would come back for her, and also assured her that she could float on water for even a day. Although those who went in search of her were afraid before long, she only relied on the promise her father made that He would come back for Her. As children of the promise, we are to rely on the promises of Jesus to come back for us.

What does it mean for God to be our shield?

It simply means that God is constantly watching over us ad securing us under His protection. Although temptations may come, it will not be more than we can bear. When God is our shield we do not have to fear (Gen 15:1).

Why is the promise of Abraham’s seed blessing the nations repeated more than once?

It is because it is the only promise on which other promises rests. The Messiah would be from the seed of Abraham who will fulfill the promise of redemption.

What assurance those the messianic promise gives us?

This promise gives us an assurance that despite the fact that we are in a world filled with all kinds of evil too great to even mention our future is bright. There is a better life awaiting us where evil will not be part of.

What parallels are there between what God wanted to do through Israel and what He wants to do through the church?

God wanted to attract the nations to Himself through Israel and presently, God is using the church to attract the nations to Himself through the gospel.

In what ways does one represent “salvation by works” and “salvation by faith”?

The plan of salvation rests only on what Christ did for Us. However, we have a part to play in our quest for salvation, our free choice comes into prominence.

In Conclusion,

Promises are very important in the life of a believer because it gives us the hope that it does not just end in death, there is a better life after this life. I pray that by faith We become partakers of this promise in Jesus’ name.


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