Lesson 4 Review: The Hard Way

Lesson 4 Review: The Hard Way


Memory Text: “I will wait on the LORD, who hides His face from the house of Jacob; and I will hope in Him” (Isaiah 8:17, NKJV).

God expects Us to trust Him just as the blind girl trusted her father and did as he instructed her, unfortunately, We fail to trust God sometimes and we meet the bad end that comes with distrust for God.

However, God has many ways to speak to His children and if We do not listen to God in one way, maybe we will with another.

Why is “curds and Honey” mentioned in Isaiah 7:15?

The people of Judah would be poor and would have to return to the diet of nomads and because the Assyrians will destroy their crops and fields.

When was the prophecy regarding Syria and northern Israel fulfilled?

The prophecy of the destruction of Syria and Northern Israel was fulfilled two years after Isaiah’s prophecy in 734 B.C. In 732 B.C Israel and Syria had been utterly destroyed.

What significant lesson do we learn from King Ahaz’s decision to put his confidence in the King of Assyria?

“It is better to take confidence in the Lord than to put confidence in princes”, Psalm 118:9. King Ahaz’s enemies were completely wiped out but a greater enemy was to come, and soon his friend became his foe. Our trust should only be on God and not on Man.

To who did the names of Isaiah’s son refer to?

The meaning of Isaiah’s son’s names referred to Judah and Northern Israel.

What hope and why was there still hope for them?

The hope for them was that a remnant would return and the reason for the reason is as a result of God’s promise to be with them all the way (Immanuel).

What is the idea of fearing God?

True fear of God as holy means that you recognize Him as the ultimate power in the universe. The fear that comes with that recognition overcomes every other fear.

How should our fear for God be like, knowing that love has no fear?

Our fear for God should be as a friend with awesome power with whom you share mutual power. This kind of fear is not a fear of hurt but of respect for the power of the person and keep to the boundaries.

What does the message in Isaiah have to do with King Ahaz?

Isaiah’s description of despair resulting from reliance on spirits other than the Lord fits Ahaz well because He relied on the pagan. In verse 21 Isaiah talks about the people getting enraged and cursing their King. The lesson points out that when King Ahaz died He was exempted from being buried in the tomb where he past kings of Israel were buried as they had lost respect for Him and His leadership.

In Conclusion,

The only safe way is to trust God, He is the only One who can truly guide, protect, and provide for those who let Him. There is only gloom for those who turn to other powers aside God. I pray this lesson teaches Us more to put our trust only on God in Jesus’ name.

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