Lesson 4 Review: “The Eyes of the Lord”: The Biblical Worldview

Memory Text: “The eyes of the Lord are in every place keeping watch on the evil and the good” (Proverbs 15:3, NKJV)


The Lesson for this week (17th to 23rd October 2020) has to do with the different views people see things. The worldview is a filtered way of seeing things. Seeing things this way determines how We interpret and understand the world around Us. The biblical worldview of seeing things is therefore necessary to avoid wrong interpretation.

Should We believe that everything just exists?

This certainly is a wrong theory, the world, and everything in It was created by God alone and He alone controls the affairs of this world as recorded in Ps. 53:1. Prov. 15:3, John 3:16, Isa. 45:21, Luke 1:26-35.

Why is there something instead of nothing?

This question asked by Leibniz is the most basic and foundational question that could be asked. There is something instead of nothing because God created everything that exists today as recorded in Gen. 1:1. Without God, there would be nothing instead of something (John 1:1-4)

Is the Theory of Evolution true?

The Bible tells Us How all living creatures came forth, everything was created in six days and on the seventh day, God rested from His work. Nothing We see today comes by chance and the words of the Bible can never be compromised by fake theories and beliefs.

Why is it necessary that We see things through the biblical worldview?

For Seventh-Day Adventists, the Bible has been and will continue to be the foundation for all our beliefs. Knowing that this world was created by God, He has an explanation for everything that We see today and all of it is in the Bible. The Bible contains God’s word and for Us to understand why things are what they are, we have to see through the biblical view.

Does God deserve our worship?

Yes, He deserves our worship because He is our Creator and even after We had disobeyed Us He still redeemed Us from the punishment of sin which is death. This is more than enough reason why We should worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Whose law is most trustworthy, God’s or man’s?

The answer here is pretty obvious, God is a righteous being and He knows what is right and He is the only One who can give Us the right laws to follow as He had done. The law of God still stands despite the fact that We are not saved through it. If We claim to believe in God We will have to believe in what He says and be careful to do them, knowing that believing is the only way We can be saved.

In Conclusion

There are only two ways We view things, every interpretation from Man’s understanding is classified as the world’s view and the Biblical view is that of the Lord there is no neutrality. No field of study should teach things that contradict what the Bible says, The Biblical worldview should form the foundation of all Seventh-Day Adventist education. Let Us learn to turn to the biblical worldview instead of the worldview for interpretation of any matter and God will not leave Us in confusion in Jesus’ Name.


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