Lesson 4 Review: An Everlasting Covenant

Lesson 4 An Everlasting Covenant


Memory Text: “ ’I[God] will establish my covenant between me and you [Abraham] and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you’ “ (Genesis 17:7, RSV).

The Lord was not going to leave the world to perish in sin and so He established a covenant with His faithful servant, Abram so that through him He could entrust a knowledge of Himself and give salvation to mankind.

What name did God identify Himself with when He first talked with Abram?

YAHWEH which means The Eternal/Existent One. Genesis 15:7, KJV when translated literally tells us so.

Why did God have to identify Himself as YAHWEH when He appeared to Abram the second time?

The name, YAHWEH serves as a re-announcement of the covenant He made with Abram in Genesis 12:1-3. It further reveals God’s character and nature of love.

What did God say to Abram that would make Him trust in His might and power?

God promises to make Abram exceedingly fruitful and also promises to make nations and kings from Him.

What should be the most accurate meaning of El-Shaddai?

The most accurate meaning of El-Shaddai should be Almighty God.

What was the significance of names in the ancient Semites?

Names given to people in the ancient times had spiritual significance as opposed to how names are given in recent times. Change of names signify a change of character or status as in the case of Abraham.

What could be the reason for Abram’s name change to Abraham?

It could be that the reason Abram’s name was changed to Abraham was to help Him believe in God more seeing that Abram means ‘Father is exalted’ however Abraham means ‘Father of a multitude’.

What are the stages of the covenant God made with Abram?

  1. God gives a command to Abram
  2. God makes a promise to Abram
  3. God instructs Abram to make a solemn ritual by killing and dividing three animals and killing a bird for the Lord to walk through. This symbolically means that anyone who wants to partake in the covenant would have to follow the obligation.
  4. Abram’s name is changed to Abraham
  5. God makes the covenant to save all peoples through Abraham.

What two factors play out in Genesis 18:19 concerning covenant obligations?

We see faith and works in Genesis 18:19, The first clause, “For I know Him…” indicates grace and the next part talks about what Abraham will do not for the covenant to start but in response. Abraham’s faith in God and His covenant triggers the works of obedience.

In Conclusion,

God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham, one that would reveal the plan of salvation to the world. However, to partake in this covenant we have to have faith in God and in response to the faith we have in God we have to do His will. Build our faith in God and His promises and We will be saved in Jesus’ name.


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