Lesson 3 Review: When Your World Is Falling Apart

Lesson 3 When Your World Is Falling Apart


Memory Text: “ ‘ “ ‘If you will not believe, surely you shall not be established’ “ ‘ “ (Isaiah 7:9, NKJV).

Circumstances may cause Us to misunderstand situations, who is and is not at fault. Just like Waddlesworth did not know who the enemy was, King Ahaz did not as well. Not knowing who the enemy is, can lead Us to take the wrong actions.

What terrifying Crisis did King Ahaz face early in his reign?

The Kingdoms of Northern Israel and Syria ganged up to make war with Judah, under the Kingship of Ahaz. They needed to take over their resources and manpower of the small nation, Judah.

What did Ahaz decide to do to resolve this crisis?

Ahaz tried to create a relationship with Tiglath-pileser, King of Assyria, the enemy of his enemies. By so doing, He could have the Assyrians support and defend them.

Was this the right thing for King Ahaz to do?

The answer is no. Rather than King Ahaz to consult God as the only Friend who could rescue Him and His country, He decided to make friends with Tiglath-pileser III.

Why did the Lord tell Isaiah to take his son, Shear-jashub with Him to meet Ahaz?

Shear-jashub means ‘A Remnant Shall Return’. Isaiah would have to introduce his son and by mentioning his name, the message of God will be passed to King Ahaz. A remnant shall return, this means if He does not turn away from his sins he will go into captivity and a remnant from captivity shall return.

What did King Ahaz have to do to address the situation?

He only had to trust in God, He needed to believe in order to be established for the powers that looked huge and fiery were only like two smoldering stumps of firebrands.

Why did King Ahaz respond the way He did to God’s appeal to put Him to test?

Ahaz wanted to be pious and respectful and would not want to put God to test as did the Israelites some years before. The only difference here is that God wanted Ahaz to put Him to test.

What did King Ahaz’s response imply?

King Ahaz’s refusal to put God to the test implied that God was not His God.

Who is the woman, and who is her child?

Though this was a sign that was meant to inspire King Ahaz’s faith, based on the old testament we cannot justify the fulfillment of his sign. Rather we can say it served as a forerunner of Christ for only Jesus was born of a young virgin unmarried woman and His name was Immanuel.

What does it mean for God to be with Us?

Immanuel means ‘God is with Us’ and so no matter what we may be facing, He is always with Us as He had promised. This could be the sign God tried to show to King Ahaz that He would be there to protect them despite His disbelief. He was with Daniel in the lion’s den, He was with Stephen when He got stoned, He was with Jacob while He wrestled overnight, and He is with Us to the end.

In Conclusion,

We should never forget God’s promise to always be with Us despite the situation. We should not lean on the arm of flesh as King Ahaz did. Trust in the Lord and know that When Your World Is Falling Apart, He is always with us and ready to Save if only we trust Him. I pray for God to grant us the grace to acknowledge that He is always with Us and trust Him to deliver Us from all of our troubles in Jesus’ name.


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