Lesson 3 Review: The Law as Teacher

Lesson 3 Review: The Law as Teacher

Memory Text: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength” (Deuteronomy 6:5)


The Lesson for this week (10th to 16th October 2020) has to do with law. Yes, the law cannot save Us from Sin but it doesn’t mean We should do away with the law. The law acts as a Teacher but by keeping the law We cannot be saved However, the grace that came through Jesus created a way for Us to be saved and to be partakers of this grace We have to keep the law, as Jesus kept His Father’s law.

How does Love and fear work?

No matter how contradictory it may seem to love and fear at the same time, it isn’t. Love goes alongside with fear, if You truly love Someone that fear to always do what is pleasing to the person will always be in the person who loves.

What does it mean to love and fear God?

It is quite simple, just as We fear our earthly parents and still love them too, the idea is same with God. We have to obey God as an indication that We love Him, but this obedience is backed up by fear that will prevent Us from doing wrongly.

What exactly is the function of the law?

According to Tuesday’s lesson, the law serves as a witness against You. It confines all under sin and it puts on the right track with God. The law is the character of God.

How can We attain success as illustrated in the lesson?

The lesson says that by observing to do all that God commands We will prosper everywhere We go.

What is the primary source of suffering and pain?

There are many ways through which one can experience suffering and pain, even the righteous Ones still suffer, but suffering and pain is primary caused as a result of disobedience, disobedience is sin and by not obeying the law We bring pain to Ourselves instead of blessings.

Why do the law-keepers still suffer if obedience should free Us of all pain?

We have to understand that there is a great controversy between good and evil. The Devil is looking for ways to win people to Himself. These sufferings should not make Us to give Up on our faith rather it should build it up stronger than ever, for in the same manner the disciples were persecuted.

What is the nature of the reward of the faithful Ones?

We see that God’s blessings upon the people who love, fear and keep His commandments are not limited what We see, We live by faith and so it doesn’t matter what the present condition looks like. Abraham was promised to be father of children as numerous as the stars of heaven but He never saw the true manifestation during His lifetime. As Christians, we live by faith, by things not seen, for even God is yet unseen but by faith We believe He exists.

Does Faith release Us from total obedience to God’s law?

No, faith in God does not mean we should forsake the law, for there is no way We can say We love Him, and We believe in Him if We do not walk in the way in which He walked.

In Conclusion,

The basis of true education is love, love is the summary of everything if We say We love God We would keep His commandments and follow His footsteps. Inasmuch as We are not saved by the law, the law should be our teacher, because for Us to claim that salvation We must follow the ordinances laid down. May God bless You and prosper You everywhere You go as You make the law your teacher in Jesus’ name.


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