Lesson 3 Review: “All Future Generations”

Lesson 3 Review: “All Future Generations”


Memory Text: “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD” (Genesis 6:8).

Sin grew rapidly after the fall of man just as the microscopic bacteria multiply upon fission. Man forsook God and went after evil and iniquity of all forms. God sent a flood as a means of checking the rapid increase of sin.

What is the sin principle?

Sin progressively gets worse when left unchecked, the sinner never gets tired of sinning until it leads to ruin and death. Just like the bacteria, it rapidly gets worse.

What is the good news for Sinners?

The good news for sinners is that God is ready to get rid of sin finally, However, He wants to save sinners.

Why did God choose Noah to fulfill His purpose?

Noah was chosen as an instrument for fulfilling God’s purpose because He was righteous and blameless.

How blameless and righteous was Noah?

Noah though blameless and righteous was still a sinner as any of us seeking to follow God. The word, grace in Genesis 6:8 denotes that Noah was still a sinner, He still needed God’s grace as a sinner He was.

What does God mean when He says, “but I will establish my covenant with you…”?

It means that God was willing to take the initiative of saving His people. It was not an equal mutual relationship rather it was an act of love.

What did the LORD say the rainbow symbolizes?

The rainbow symbolizes a sign of God’s covenant with Man. This covenant different from other covenants made with man where there is an obligation too on the side of man to do. It further explains that God is willing and gracious regardless of whether anyone chooses to obey the LORD or not.

Why is there a remnant even after the flood?

The concept of a remnant originated from God. He is the Judge of all the earth and though the earth was to be destroyed He chose to leave a remnant. The choice of the remnant was dependent on the grace of God. The remnant survived only because of what God did for them and not what they did to merit it.

In Conclusion,

God is always willing and merciful to save Us from the wages of sin, and sin itself. God made a covenant with Noah and it was Noah’s commitment that saved him and his family in the end. If We earnestly follow God, His promises to save Us from sin will be fulfilled in Us. I pray that We all seek God earnestly and be committed to Him in Jesus’ name.


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