Lesson 2 Review: The Family

Lesson 2 Review: The Family

Lesson 2 Review: The Family | A glance at the 2nd lesson of the 4th Quarter of 2020 scheduled from October 3-9.


The key text from Proverbs 1:8 is a piece of advice to youths, ‘My Son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother’. We learn every day and Education begins from even infancy, life is filled with many teachers to learn from, it is our duty to learn from the right source, our parents have been approved by God to instruct Us.

Which is the primary source for Christian Education?

The primary source of Christian education is the Family; the First Family undertook the duty of educating their children in the precepts the Lord had taught them.

Did Jesus also undergo this Family Education?

The bible has not given many details of Jesus’ childhood but We can say that Jesus was taught by His earthly mother, though He already had wisdom and knowledge imparted by God Himself on Him [Luke 2:41-50].

What is the basis of learning?

Good communication is a basis for all learning, the Teacher and students must be able to communicate with each other efficiently to create a close relationship.

How should this communication be like?

This communication should be backed up with a high level of understanding, a spirit of companionship, and commitment, by so doing learning will be easier and We cannot be deceived.

How do We communicate with our God Who We do not see?

The Bible contains the word of God and God communicates to Us through His written words, it is only by reading the bible that We can create a stronger relationship with God our Teacher.

What Is the Role of parents?

The role of parents is to teach the children in the way of the Lord, what the parents instruct their children determines their character.  The parents are the primary source of education for their children.

Why is it important for Parents to possess the fruit of the Spirit to be able to educate their children?

It is almost impossible to train your children in the way of the Lord if You are not in the way of the Lord in the first place. Children learn from what they see faster than from what they hear. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit, so We have to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit and be good models for our children.

What does this lesson warn Us not to forget?

The love and promises of God should never be forgotten in or family education. The children need to know about this, and their children too. [Thursday’s lesson]

In Conclusion

Before a Man and Woman decide to take up the responsibilities of parenting, the people involved must have studied and be acquainted with the word of God, We must keep this communication with God active. If We fail to teach our children in the way of the Lord simply because We are not acquainted with it or because our characters are contradictory the children may end up getting the wrong education from elsewhere and it may ruin the child’s life. I pray for God to grant Us all it takes to be able to educate our children in the way of the Lord in Jesus’ name.


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