Lesson 2 Review: Restless and Rebellious

Lesson 2 Restless and Rebellious


Memory Text: “Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come” (1Cor 10:11, NKJV).

We, Humans show restlessness as a result of not going for Jesus’ offer in faith and obedience. This restlessness can be compared to the restlessness animals face few minutes after a major earthquake. Animals tend to feel the seismic waves that comes before the earthquake occurs and this makes them restless already. We will see examples in this study on how we have shown restlessness because we did not come to Christ.

How did the Israelites show restlessness in the wilderness?

They showed restlessness in the wilderness when they complained to Moses about not having meat to eat despite all the numerous signs and wonders shown to them. They were restless and they made Egypt a better place in their thoughts since they had the meat and other food that they do not have there in the wilderness. They also complained about other things that attracted the wrath of God to them.

How were the restlessness of the Israelites in the wilderness cured?

God gave the Israelites quail to satisfy their need for meat and God consecrated 70 elders to help facilitate the leadership of Israel.

How did Israel’s elites show restlessness?

Israel’s elites, Miriam and Aaron showed the fallenness of their nature when they said, “Has the LORD indeed spoken only through Moses? Has He not spoken through us also”. Though they were leaders they still were fallible in nature.

What were the reaction of Miriam, Aaron and Moses after God spoke to them about their restlessness and what does it teach us?

Miriam and Aaron pleaded for mercy and Moses intercedes on their behalf, then God forgave them but stroke Miriam with temporary leprosy. God wants to see His people plead for forgives when they go wrong and He is ever ready to forgive.

How did Restlessness lead to rebellion in Israel’s case?

The 12 selected men of Israel who went to spy Canaan had brought back their reports and because of the restlessness of their hearts they decided to look at the negative reports the 10 spies brought which was a rebellion to God’s promise and they despised the good report Joshua and Caleb brought back for them.

Why were the Israelites not completely consumed in the wilderness for their restlessness and rebellion?

The Israelites were not consumed because Moses interceded for them when God had offered to make a generation from the seed of Moses.

Where the Israelites left without punishment for their restlessness?

No, the Israelites had to stay an additional 38 years in the wilderness and a new generation would have to pick up the baton and find rest in the Promised Land.

Can presumption be seen as faith?

No, presumption is mostly motivated from fear and fear is contradictory to faith. God has given us directives that yields a particular order, going against those guidelines are faithlessness on our own path and such leads to regret.

In Conclusion,

Israel had sinned when they sought to slay the spies who gave them a good report of the land, however God forgave them of their sins but the negative impact of the sins still occurred. Presumption is in no way a manifestation of faith, it lets us to act at our own sinful will that transgresses God’s command and makes us to expect God’s love to cover us for our transgression. However, there is no faith in transgressing God’s command. I pray that We trust God and follow His commands rather than rebel that will cause us to take actions that will cause us to regret in the end in Jesus’ name.


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