Lesson 2 Review: Crisis of Leadership


Memory Text: In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on the throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple (Isaiah 6:1, NKJV).

The Sabbath afternoon lesson points out that good leadership is based on the confidence of the people in the leaders. Although, over the years, people see hunger as a result of bad leadership, when a leader can no longer be trusted, providing food or having weapons will not work at all.

 Why did Isaiah see the vision of the divine King just the same year King Uzziah died?

Uzziah was the only King, known to Isaiah as at his time, and what He knew from Him were pride and pomposity, and so Uzziah’s death erased the influence He had created towards his people and Isaiah too. As He died, He saw a new King, an everlasting One, who taught Him rightly and unlike Uzziah, He submitted to be purged of his sins.

Why would God make an appearance to King Isaiah in such a setting as He did?

God made the appearance to Isaiah to show that He is God and He is holy and His people who want to worship Him must worship Him in holiness and purity just as the angels do. It was a demand for His people to turn from their evil ways. It was also to help comfort Isaiah amidst the crisis they were facing, it was for encouragement and to make Him stay faithful.

Why did the Seraph have to use burning coal to touch Isaiah’s lips?

There is no explicit as to why, but we may say probably Isaiah gave the wrong speeches. And so by purifying his lips, his whole self was purified cause His lips represent the person.

Can God’s sanctuary serve as a place of encouragement?

We can say yes because Isaiah’s ministry had already begun when He recalled the encounter He had some time back. Isaiah was in crisis and He used this encounter to encourage Himself. John also in Revelation 5 when He was in bondage, Jesus was already in heaven but He gave Him a vision as the lamb that takes away the sins of the world, although this had happened before, it was only repeated to encourage John and his readers.

Why did God give such a strange message through the Prophet Isaiah to His people?

God’s message to His people was an appeal for them to repent, His love toward His people is unchanging, only that the people compromise and harden their hearts. So because of this, He sent the message (Isaiah 6:9,10) to them to help them see how hardened they are. The people also have a choice to make, to either harden their hearts or heed the word of the Lord. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened but He had the freedom to choose whether to harden his heart or soften it as we can see in Exodus 8:15, 32.

In Conclusion,

The people of Israel were rebellious and even those who were true to God were often discouraged by the rebellion of the others. Isaiah’s ministry seemed hopeless because the people were stubborn. The vision Isaiah had was all He needed to stay faithful in such an iniquitous society. I pray that God strengthens us and encourages Us just when we need it so we do not lose our faith in God in Jesus’ name.


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