Lesson 2 Review: Covenant Primer

Lesson 2 covenant primer


Memory Text: “Now, therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine” (Exodus 19:5).

The true covenant is the covenant that we enter into with Jesus, the one that was ratified at Calvary by the blood of Jesus. This week talks on the covenant starting with what it actually means, and then a breakdown of all the covenants God made with Us.

What are the basic elements of a covenant as an arrangement?

  1. God affirms the promises of the covenant with an oath
  2. its obligation is to obey God’s will as have expressed in the ten commandments
  3. God’s covenant obligation is ultimately fulfilled through Christ and the plan of salvation

Was the covenant with Noah one-sided as opposed to the normal system of two parties?

A covenant involves two parties that both have a role to play. God promises to preserve Noah and his family and Noah’s role is to believe in the One who promised to save and be committed.

How does the promise made to Abram reflect in the promise of Jesus the Messiah?

Abram had to have faith in God for the promise of the covenant to work. Similarly, We, Christians must have faith in Jesus to gain salvation which is the promise of the covenant.

What is the order of the covenant with Abraham?

God creates a special relationship with His people, HE makes a promise if the covenant is kept, the people are to obey.

How does the covenant of Moses reflect in the covenant of Jesus?

God first saves Israel from bondage and gives them the law to keep. Similarly, Jesus saves Us from our sins and leaves His law with Us to keep.

What key thing does the Lord do to build the foundation of the relationship?

God makes Us to know Him (John 17:3) and understand the love He has for Us. This love will in turn make Us to love Him too and keep His commandments because He had first loved Us not because we are compelled to.

In Conclusion,

The initial relationship God had with Us through our first parents was ruptured as a result of sin, and God seeks to restore that relationship by means of a covenant. God in His infinite mercy and love seeks to bring us back to Him only if we are willing to obey Him. I pray that God empowers us to obey His will so we can experience His love more in Jesus’ name.


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