Lesson 13 Review: The New Covenant Life

Lesson 13 The New Covenant Life


Memory Text: “ ‘I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly’ “ (John 10:10).

The new covenant is not just about a reward that comes at a far end after we must have done certain things. The rewards of the new covenant are here and now; it is a major part of our lives.

Why should we not go by our feelings as Christians in the covenant?

As Christians we live by faith we are not to go by our feelings because faith is not about what we feel, it is a belief of the unknown.

How can our joy be full as it was with the early Christians?

Our joy can only be full by fellowshipping not only with each other but with Jesus. A relationship with God results in full joy.

What is the main purpose and promise of the new covenant with God?

The greatest promise of the new covenant is the promise of freedom from sin. There is therefore now no condemnation to they that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit (Romans 8:1).

How does God’s love impact our lives?

God’s love (a love that “passeth human understanding”) shown through Jesus impacts our thoughts, desires, goals. This love makes us develop a love for others knowing that we are all feeling the impact of the love.

Where is eternal life found?

Eternal life is found in Jesus Christ; it is only when we believe in Christ that we can inherit eternal life. John 11:25-26 says that anyone who believes in Jesus will not die but have eternal life.

What is the mission and purpose of Believers in life?

The mission and purpose of Believers are to spread to the world the wonderful truth he or she has personally experienced in Christ Jesus. Everything else we do on earth will end with this earth but the testimony of Jesus is everlasting.

In Conclusion,

The covenant is not just a theological concept, a feeling or something that has its benefits at the end. The new covenant life is one that has its reward both in the present and when Jesus comes. It is a covenant of God’s saving grace; it is a covenant of love. I pray that God gives us the grace to believe in Him so we can get the promises of eternal life in Jesus’ name.


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Expiration: 26th June 2021