Lesson 13 Review: Rebirth of Planet Earth

Quarter finale: Lesson 13 Rebirth of Planet Earth


Memory Text: For behold, I create a new heavens and a new earth; and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind    (Isaiah 65:17, NKJV).

Our existence is not meant to end in death as the 12-year old assumed from the astronomy book He read. On a contrary, we have been offered eternal life in a new world.

 What kind of restoration is promised in Isaiah 65:17-25?

God promises to create a new heaven and new earth (Isaiah 65:17), The Lord shall create Jerusalem as a joy and its people as a delight (Isaiah 65:18) in the city there would be no more weeping (Isaiah 65:19), the people will live considerably longer before they die (Isaiah 65:20), their work shall remain for them to enjoy (Isaiah 65:21-23) and God will answer them even before they call (Isaiah 65:24).

Is this restoration our final hope?

The restoration promised here is only a precursor of what God promises to do. Ultimately in a new world with His redeemed people.

What does the divine magnet portray in Tuesday’s lesson?

God is divine and the word magnet signifies attraction. God will draw people to Himself. He is going to draw them by revealing His glory.

What kind of offering should the people brought from the nations by the survivors be?

The people to be brought from other nations are living sacrifices, just as grain offerings are not sacrificed.

What does God also promise to do with these people?

He promises to make some of them as Priests and Levites, contrary to how it is meant to be. The priests and Levites are descendants of Aaron and these people are gentiles. This shows a revolutionary change.

How would this change affect the renewed community of faith?

The gentiles would have equal rights with Jews in all respects, there would also be made priests just as the Jews. There would therefore be no distinction between the Jews and gentiles.

When was this prophecy of equality between Jews and Gentiles fulfilled?

It was fulfilled after Jesus’s death on the cross. Paul told the gentiles that There is no longer Jew or Greek… for all are One in Christ Jesus.

What hope is can we find for ourselves in Isaiah 66:22?

There is a promise of eternal life at the end. Eternal life is the only remedy for the consequences of sin that show in our lives.

Why does Isaiah end with saved people looking at the corpses of rebels destroyed by God?

This was to serve as a warning to the people in Isaiah’s time, it shows that while the Redeemed will be saved, the rebels will be destroyed. It also depicts that this torment by the fire as shown in the bible is not everlasting, rather it continues till the fire is done with its duty. Until the destruction takes place then will there be a new heaven, new earth and a holy new Jerusalem. All prophecies concerning the new life will then be fulfilled.

In Conclusion,

God will purge and restore the community of faith that was lost in the garden of Eden. This will lead to the rebirth of planet earth where God’s presence would continually serve as an ultimate comfort to His people. We do not have to miss this opportunity, nothing in this world now can compare to what we will get in heaven, why then should we gain the whole world and lose this eternal opportunity. I pray that We become part of the people who will be redeemed in Jesus’ name.


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