Lesson 13 Review: A Step in Faith

Lesson 13 Review: A Step in Faith – September 19th to September 25th, 2020 – Third Quarter of the year.

Why did Jesus sacrifice Himself for Us?

He died for Us for no other reason but because of His love for Us. He loved Us so much that He could not watch Us live and die in sin, He denied Himself the good things in heaven and came to suffer and die death We were meant to die.

What is the step in faith for Us?

The soul-winning ministry is a step in faith, just as Jesus sacrificed for Us We have to sacrifice too. We have to leave our comfort zones to places that need God’s word, to unchartered waters.

Is there any reason why We should not take this step?

We certainly have no reason to not take this step, Jesus was not wrong if He wanted to put Himself equal with God but He denied Himself of all that power just to Save Us from our sin, If Jesus could leave His comfort zone for our sake, there is then no reason for Us to relent.

What other lesson does the sacrifice of Jesus teach Us?

It teaches Us to be humble at all times, Jesus shows a high level of humility to the Father, He humbles Himself and obeys God even to the point of death on the cross. After the sacrifice, Jesus was exalted. For Us to be exalted above our current levels We have to be humble first.

What are We called to be committed to doing?

Adventists are called to preach the everlasting gospel to as many people as possible. Just as the people of old did, even so, We have to do.

Why did God have to choose unlikely people to witness for Him?

There are many reasons why sinners were often chosen by God for His mission but I will like to highlight a point. These Sinners were more preferred than average people because if a person is changed to be an opposite of His former self He would have a winning personal testimony to share of his/her experience, these same people will prove to be more effective in the ministry because when they will do God’s work with the same enthusiasm they had used to do evil.

What does Love demand?

Love needs commitment, if We love Jesus We have to feed His flock, feeding His flock refers to telling people about the love of Christ, making a step to build the faith of those who long for Jesus.

How do We know this truly is the demand?

After Peter had denied Jesus three times, Jesus asked Peter three times If He loved Him, Peter affirmed each time Jesus asked this question and Jesus replied to every affirmation by saying feed my flock.

Why do We have to be committed?

Loving God calls for commitment, we should not hold back anything, nothing in this world amounts to the reward We will get in heaven. The cost of discipleship is a commitment, we must be ready to deny ourselves, just as Jesus did or even more.

In Conclusion,

We have to take a step in faith to prove our love for God. Jesus had loved Us so much that He left His comfort zone. We have to make leave our comfort zone to unchartered waters. This call is for all Christians and We have to make this step of faith. I pray that God gives us the grace to be committed to this call in Jesus’ name.

You can ask questions or make contributions to this message in the comments section below, contact Us if the need arises, God bless You.

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