Lesson 12 Review: Sabbath: Experiencing and Living the Character of God

Lesson 12 Sabbath: Experiencing and Living the Character of God


Memory Text: “And He said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath’” (Mark 2:27, 28).

The Sabbath is not just a day of rest but a means for education as well. Jodie’s decision to not attend any social events on Sabbath days made her beliefs known to those around and they became aware of the fact that the Sabbath is God’s day of rest for Jodie. Her friend Gayle was also aware of this. There are many things to learn from God’s day of rest, it is not just about rest, education is also involved.

 What was the first Sabbath about?

The first Sabbath in Eden was a day of rest for our first parents and it was an opportunity for them to learn more about their creator and the creatures.

In what ways can We make our Sabbath similar to the first Sabbath?

Yes, the first Sabbath was about getting to know God, we still do the same thing when We study God’s word in the church. By studying God’s word, we are getting to know Him more.

How can We help those who may have lost focus on what the Sabbath is about?

The Israelites had lost their perspective as children of God, and God had to reveal Himself to them through the signs and wonders He wrought in their presence. These signs and wonders helped the Israelites rediscover who God was, His Sabbaths, and statues. In our time, we can help those who may have lost focus of what the Sabbath is about when We remind them of God’s messages in the bible.

How does the Sabbath help set our priorities right?

The things we learn from the Sabbath and God’s purposes for our lives can impact our lives and set our priorities straight.

What is the balance for our Sabbath-keeping?

Our balance is deduced from the memory text in Mark 2:27, 28. The Sabbath was never meant to be a burden but a delight. If we follow the rules and regulations of the Sabbath we may lose sight of what it is all about. The key point is to reveal God’s love to us and God is not a God of suffering, the Sabbath is not a burden so We should not take it for such.

Which other opportunity does the Sabbath create for Us?

The Sabbath creates a community for Us to get to know God more, study the truth, and build or faiths and hope. The community encourages all believers of Christ to hold firm and it exposes the history and truth about the Sabbath.

In Conclusion,

The Sabbath is a seal upon God’s people. Nothing really distinguishes Us from the rest of the others as does the Sabbath. It is our duty to use every opportunity the Sabbath gives and not take it as a burden. I pray that God gives Us all it will take to do this in Jesus’ name.

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