Lesson 12 Review: Desire of Nations

Lesson 12 Desire of Nations


Memory Text: The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising (Isaiah 60:3, NKJV).

The grace of Christ is our only hope, our own grace and efforts cannot save us. By trusting and relying on God as Isaiah professes, we will have all the help we desire.

What is the effect of sin?

Sin creates a barrier between the Sinner and God. Sin is capable of destroying our relationship with God and hence our prayers to God may not be heard. (Isaiah 59)

Which example in the Bible explains the effect of sin?

Our first parents lost the close relationship they had with God when they sinned (Genesis 3:8)

Who is forgiven?

He who is forgiven is He who has faith in the redemption of God, the repentance reveals that we have been saved.

Why can’t works save us?

Good works cannot save us because We are already sinners. Only by faith in God can we be saved. Our good works stand as evidence that we have been saved.

 What is the universal appeal Isaiah points out in Isaiah 60:3?

The universal appeal is to come to the light. The woman in the appeal represents Zion and all other nations are appealed to join in the same light with Zion.

Where was the prophecy first mentioned in History?

It was mentioned in the story of Abraham. Abraham was chosen so that through Him the rest of the nations will be blessed.

What does the year of the Lord’s favor entail?

The year of the Lord’s favor entails a year of jubilee in which there is the restoration of what was lost, freedom from enslavement and even justice to unrighteousness.

When is the day of vengeance of the Lord? (Isaiah 61:2)

The day of vengeance of the Lord signifies when Jesus will come again to liberate planet earth from injustice by defeating His enemies and setting the oppressed remnant of His people free.

How do you reconcile the notion that God is a loving God with the fact that He promises vengeance?

God is loving and despite the fact that we do not pay evil for evil as humans, it does not mean that He does not punish them. It only shows that vengeance in not for us to do but God.

The desire of nations is the desire that God through His infinite love and mercy will come and liberate Us from sin and its consequences. This redemption is not by our works but our faith in Christ Jesus. I pray that We build our faith in Christ and trust only in Him to save us from condemnation in Jesus’ name.

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