Lesson 11: Sharing the Story of Jesus

Lesson 11 Review: An Exciting way to get involved – September 5th to September 11th, 2020 – Third Quarter of the year.

What could make people argue with what You believe in?

By making yourself right and the other person wrong, the other person would want to prove Himself right and that can lead to a serious argument.

What sure way can We use to win the argument?

The person can argue your doctrines or theologies but a personal testimony can make You win the argument. You can win the argument by sharing a personal testimony that further proves your point.

What kind of testimonies cannot be argued?

Our personal experiences cannot be argued because it actually happened to Us unlike stories heard.

What should be the basis of our testimony as Adventists?

The basis of our testimony should be Jesus Christ. There has been a point in your life where God did something great to You, and it would be ungrateful to not testify of it. Everyone has a testimony to share about Jesus, and each testimony no matter how small has the potential of touching the lives of others and drawing Men.

What kind of Testimonies touches the most?

Stories of a changed life touch people the most. The person would be even more convinced if He/She is a witness to your life before and after your conversion

What are some of the personal testimonies from the Bible?

The story of Paul was a very convincing personal testimony, He was a Persecutor of the Saints, but after His Encounter, His life changed.

James, John, and the rest of the apostles had their conversion stories too. Before James and John were known for their bad temper but after their encounter, John was a Preacher of Love.

What then happens to those who do not really have conversion stories?

There have been times when God showed Us mercy and delivered Us from tragedy. Such testimonies are enough to show an Unbeliever that truly there is God.

What would make our testimony more accepted?

People will accept the testimonies if We share it with assurance. We have to believe in the person We testify of.

What exactly is worth testifying about?

As earlier stated, testimonies of what Jesus had done for Us in the course of our lives is worth testifying about.

In Conclusion

One sure way of winning souls for Christ is by sharing our personal testimonies of Jesus’ Love for Us, either a conversion story or a story of How He delivered Us from tragedy or any story relevant to what You are witnessing of. I pray that God uses our various testimonies to draw men to the truth in Jesus’ Name.


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