Lesson 11 Review: Longing for More

Lesson 11 Longing for More


Memory text: “Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not desire evil as they did” (1 Cor. 10:6, ESV).

The Model in the Queens Museum of Art in New York depicts all of the buildings in New York. It is a very intricate and detailed copy of the original city. The scripture itself is a full miniature model of activities and institutions that all point to larger, heavenly realities.

What did Paul want to communicate to his readers when he referred to “examples”?

An example from Greek is a model of something else, a representation of it. Hebrews 8:5 says when Moses was about to erect the tent, he was instructed by God saying, ‘See that you make everything according to the pattern that was shown you in the mountain’. It shows that the tent on earth Moses was to build were examples and symbols, models of what is going on.

Paul considers various stations in the bible as types or examples, of individual baptism. The reference to spiritual food refers to manna (Jesus, the bread of life), Israel drank from the rock which refers to Christ, the rock gave forth water and Jesus is living water.

What do the old testament rituals and sacrifices symbolize?

The sacrifices and rituals that were offered in the old testament are a type or model of Christ’s death and ministry on our behalf. He sacrificed Himself as the lamb, His blood was laid up for us to be made right with God and He still is in the most holy place atoning for our sins.

What is the close relationship between faith and rest?

We can enter into God’s rest only when we believe and trust the One who promised rest and who can deliver on His promise, and this is, of course, Jesus Christ.

In what should we exercise faith into experience rest?

We are to have faith in the sacrifice Jesus made for us and by so doing we will experience salvation in Jesus and the rest that we are offered in Him.

Why did the Israelites who wandered in the wilderness not experience rest?

Their lack of faith caused them to disobey God. Although their children still got to the promised land which was the place of rest. They did not however enter into God’s rest.

What does it mean to harden not our hearts?

As Psalm 95:7, 8 says, we are to not harden our hearts when we hear God’s voice. By hardening our hearts, we disobey God and when we disobey God we forfeit the rest that comes with obedience to God.

What rest is Hebrews 4 actually referring to?

The rest in the Bible passage can refer to the rest that comes from the salvation at the end and the rest that comes from the Sabbath. Many argue that it refers to the end time rest from our sins and so the weekly Sabbath rest is no longer necessary. However, the ultimate rest we are promised through what Christ had done for us does not replace the biblical seventh-day Sabbath; on the contrary, it reminds us of the ultimate rest to come and helps us experience what it is like.

In Conclusion,

We must believe in Christ Jesus if we must enter into His rest without faith we cannot partake in His rest. We have many models and examples that can help us believe in what is to come, how much longer can we continue to doubt. I pray that God grants us the grace to build our faith in Him so as to find the rest He offers in Jesus’ name.


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Expiration: 11th September 2021