Lesson 10 Review: An Exciting way to get involved

Lesson 10 Review: An Exciting way to get involved – August 29th to September 4th, 2020 – Third Quarter of the year.

Do We really have to get involved?

Yes, we are made as social beings and God’s will for Us is to get involved and that’s why He made Us multiply. Secondly, there is strength in numbers.

What exactly is the kind of involvement the lesson advises Us to?

The Lesson is saying that We should get involved in small groups.

Why small groups?

Small groups are very effective in the ministry, it had been practiced throughout the bible and it has by far proven to be effective.

Where did small groups begin?

Small groups began in heaven. The Godhead is a small group, and this small group created everything We see today.

What should the goal of our small groups be?

God’s small group’s goal is quite different from Ours. Small groups may have other purposes, but the ultimate goal of our small groups should be soul winning.

What should make Me believe in small groups?

Moses had to separate the Children of Israel into small groups for solving problems, Jesus also formed a small group of 12 disciples to carry on His mission. These are strong examples to show why You have to believe in the power of small groups.

How can spiritual gifts be organized?

The best way to organize and nurture spiritual gifts is by small grouping. The body is a good illustration of this. Organs of the body are organized into different systems or groups to be able to function properly.

 At what points in the new testament did small groups play out?

Paul in every place He went to had small groups whose mission was to carry on the work when He is away (Acts 20:1-4).

What activities can be performed in small groups?

Intercession, prayer for mutual concerns warm fellowship, study of the word of God, equipping for service, protection against falsehood, outreach. (See Thursday’s lesson for more).

In Conclusion

The focus of small groups should be to witness to others. Inwardly, they make each member strong but their mission should be outward. Jesus said the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. The best solution to this problem is small groups due to its efficiency and hence the number of laborers will grow. We all need to be a member of a small group and if there is none available yet, we have to start one.

I pray God to improve the efficiency of our small groups and bless Us with effective small groups for His mission to the world in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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