Lesson 1 Review: Education in the Garden of Eden

Lesson 1 Review: Education in the Garden of Eden – 26th September to 2nd October 2020 in the fourth quarter of 2020. Quarter theme: Christian Education

What is the center of Christian Education?

The scripture should be the standard for Christian Education.

Where was the first school located?

The first school began in Eden with Adam as the student and God as the Instructor. God gave Adam the assignment to tend the garden and He learned a lot from the responsibility God had given Him.

Did Eve really take what She was taught in the Garden school?

She clearly didn’t because if She did, she would have quoted exactly what Jesus had instructed without omitting the surely aspect of His sentence.

Why was the Classroom intruder able to deceive Eve?

The serpent was able to deceive Eve because She had quoted wrongly.

What did Eve infer when She accepted the revised message of the Serpent?

By accepting the Serpent’s deceptive message without consulting God to verify if it is true or not, inferred that She had a doubt on God.

What was the result of these Students’ disobedience?

Their disobedience led to their banishment from the classroom

What was the work of Education before the fall?

The work of Education before the banishment/fall was to acquaint Adam and Eve with God.

What is the work of Education after the fall?

The work of Education after the fall will be to re-acquaint Man with those things that were lost.

What exactly would be the education that is can restore these losses?

Knowing that salvation came through Jesus Christ and through Him all that was lost can be regained, our education should point to Jesus

How do We know the difference between good and bad knowledge?

By our strength, we will not know, but by submitting and obeying those who rule over Us, those who instruct Us We will definitely know the knowledge we should acquire. In the case of our first parents, they knew the good and bad knowledge from their Instructor, they only chose wrongly.

In conclusion,

Education has to do with submission and obedience, we have no reason to despise authority, if Adam and Eve had followed these precepts, they would not have been banished, they decided to despise authority and it led to their losses. Our Christian Education focus for our present time should be Christ because through Him what We lost can finally be regained, I pray God that God grants Us an obedient spirit in Jesus Name Amen.

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