Jesus, Our Great Physician

Key Text: Mark 5:25-34 and John 5:3-10

Sometimes life is more valuable when there are long life and good health, illnesses may seem to discourage Us but God did not create us to suffer but to be His ambassadors on earth and in heaven too.

There was a feast in Jerusalem and Jesus attended the feast and as His manner was He always had compassion on people at the critical condition and He saw this man who was at the pool of Bethesda having five porches, while in a certain season the angel of the Lord will go into the water to trouble the water anybody with infirmities will get in and be saved but this time something miraculous happens, Jesus, saw this man with pity and Jesus ask him will you like to be made whole? And he replied I have no one to help me I have been here for 38yrs and Jesus said unto Him Rise take up thy bed and walk.

Trying to imagine how happiness would fill one eye to receive such a miracle, riches is good but good health makes one count himself among the living.

Even Jesus who know that the woman with infirmities needed help still showers his compassion her and made her whole what another magician can’t do what other doctors can’t do but Jesus as Master Healer Receive His power from above and it was as easy as that but the Pharisees which did not receive such throw envy on Christ because such power was so strange to them but Jesus center His life in helping others no one can save us from all our sin, illness, and distress apart from Christ we should believe in God and God alone.

Even though when we don’t have anyone to help us or anyone to guide us but christ is the way the truth and the life, we don’t need to search for help He’s at the door knocking and if anyone opens then He’s ever ready to come in abode there with us.

Kings of this world will lie to us but God will never lie to us.


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