JAMB Physics 2008


JAMB Physics 2008

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Counting of currency notes with moist
fingers is based on the principles of

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A short chain is sometimes attached to
the back of a petrol tanker to

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Which of the following is NOT a vector

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An object of height 5cm is placed at 20cm
from a concave mirror of focal length
10cm. The image height is

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If the partial pressure of water vapour at
C is 18mm Hg and the saturated
vapour pressure of the atmosphere at the
same temperature is 24mm Hg, the
relative humidity at this temperature is

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The diagram above is the heating curve of
a solid. QR is the

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Convex mirrors are used as driving
mirrors because images formed are

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A block of aluminium is heated electrically
by a 25W heater. If the temperature rises
by 10o
C in 5 minutes, the heat capacity of
the aluminium is

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A spring of force constant 500Nm-1
compressed such that its length shortens
by 5cm. The energy stored in the spring is

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I. Force(N)

II. Torque (Nm-1
III. Current (A)
IV. Power (W)
Which of the above are the correct S. I.
Units of the quantities indicated?

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All the three forces must be
II. The upward force is equal to the
downward force.
III. The algebraic sum of the moment
about any point must be zero.
Which of the above conditions must hold
for a body acted upon by a system of
three coplanar forces in equilibrium?

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If a convex lens of focal length 12cm is
used to produce a real image four times
the size of the object, how far from the
lens must the object be placed?

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In a good thermos flask, the main cause of
heat loss is

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The thermometric property of a
thermocouple is the change in

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A sealed flask contains 600cm3
of air at

C and is heated to 35o

C at constant

pressure. The new volume is

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In the microscope, the eyepiece lens
merely acts as

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Given the progressive wave equation
y = 5 sin (2000t – 0.4x), calculate the

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An electric generator has an e.m.f. of
240V and an internal resistance of 1. If
the current supplied by the generator is
20A when the terminal voltage is 220V,
find the ratio of the power supplied to the
power dissipated.

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During summer, the balance wheel of a
clock expands. What effect does this have
on the accuracy of the clock?

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The fundamental property of a
propagating wave which depends only on
the source and not the medium of
propagation is the

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When the length of a vibrating string is
reduced by one-third, its frequency

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The above figure shows the motion of a
progressive wave along a string. The
particle motion of the medium is in the

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The efficiency of the pulley system shown
above is 80%. Find the effort E required to
lift a load of 1200N.

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What is the frequency of vibration if the
balance wheel of a wristwatch makes 90
revolutions in 25s?

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An object placed at the bottom of a well
full of clear water appears closer to the
surface due to

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Total internal reflection of light
II. Conservation of light energy
III. Relative motion of the earth, sun and
IV. Rectilinear propagation of light.
Which of the above is a phenomenon of
total solar eclipse?

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A step-down transformer has a power
output of 50W and efficiency of 80%. If
the mains supply voltage is 200V,
calculate of the primary current of the

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The diagram above shows a plank RS
pivoted at its centre of gravity O and is in
equilibrium with the weights P and Q. If a
weight 2P is added to P, the plank will be
in equilibrium again by

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Find the effective resistance in the
diagram above.

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A force F is required to keep a 5kg mass
moving round a cycle of radius 3.5m at a
speed of 7ms-1

. What is the speed, if the

force is tripled?

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If a wheel 1.2m in a diameter rotates at
one revolution per second, calculate the
velocity of the wheel.

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The d.c. generator has essentially the
same components as the a.c. generator
except the presence of

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A generator is on daily use and in the
process, ten 60W and five 40W tungsten
bulbs are on for the same time interval.
The energy consumed daily is

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When a pure semiconductor is heated, its

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In the Hare’s apparatus, water rises to a
height of 26.5cm in one limb. If a liquid
rises to a height of 20.4cm in the other
limb, what is the relative density of the

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I. For current amplification
II. For voltage stabilization
III. For power amplification
IV. As a switch.
Which of the above are the uses of a

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The resultant of two forces 12N and 5N is
13N. What is the angle between the two

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If electrons are accelerated from rest
through a potential difference of 10kV,
what is the wavelength of the associated

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Given three inductors of inductances
5mH, 10mH and 20mH connected in
series, the effective inductance is

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A body of mass 4 kg resting on a smooth
horizontal plane is simultaneously acted
upon by two perpendicular forces 6N and
8N. Calculate the acceleration of the

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Zener diode is used for

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An observer with normal eyes views an
object with a magnifying glass of focal
length 5cm. The angular magnification is

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An object of height 4cm is placed in front
of a cuboid pinhole camera of size 6cm. If
the image formed is 2cm high, how far is
the object from the pinhole?

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When cold water is poured on a can
containing hot water, the can collapses
because the

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A motorcycle of mass 100kg moves round
in a circle of radius 10m with a velocity of
. Find the coefficient of friction
between the road and the tyres.

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