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JAMB Physics 2007

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If two charged plates are maintained at
a potential difference of 3 kV, the work
done in taking a charge of 600μC across
the field is

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They should be identical.
II. They should originate from the
same source.
III. they should be coherent.
IV. They should be monochromatic.
From the statements above, the
conditions for two waves to interfere

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The blade of a hoe feels colder to touch
in the morning than the wooden handle
because the

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The differences observed in solids,
liquids and gases may be accounted for

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Increase the melting point of the
II. Increase the boiling point of the
III. decrease the melting point of the
IV. decrease the boiling point of the
Which of the statements above about
the effects of increase in pressure in a
liquid are correct?

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The instrument that measures both a.c.
and d.c. is

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A conductor has a diameter of 1.00mm
and length 2.00m. If the resistance of
the material is 0.1Ω, its resistivity is

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118.8 cm2

surface of the copper
cathode of a voltameter is to be coasted
with 10-6m thick copper of density 9 x
103 kgm-3
. How long will the process run
with 10A constant current?

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From the diagram, the inductive
reactance and the resistance R are

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A photon of wavelength 6.0 x 10-7
behaves like a particle of a certain mass.
The value of that mass is

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During the nuclear reactions described
by W X Y,

92   the
particles emitted are respectively

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When an object is placed between the
principal focus and the optical centre of
a convex lens, it could be used as a

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A piece of iron weighs 250N in air and
200N in a liquid of density 1000 kgm-3

The volume of the iron is

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The unit of moment of a couple can be
expressed in

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A charge 50μC has an electric field
strength of 360 NC-1

at a certain point.

The electric field strength due to
another charge 120μC. kept at the same
distance apart and in the same medium

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A reservoir 500m deep is filled with a
fluid of density 850kg-3
. If the
atmospheric pressure is 1.05 x 105 Nm-2
the pressure at the bottom of the
reservoir is

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A particle of weight 120N is placed on a
plane inclined at an angle 30o
to the
horizontal. If the plane has an efficiency
of 60%, what is the force required to
push the weight uniformly up the

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I. Mass
II. Density
III. Temperature
IV. Nature of substance
Which of the above affect diffusion?

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A machine has a velocity ratio of 4. If it
requires 800N to overcome a load of
1600N, what is the efficiency of the

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Two spheres of masses 5.0 kg and 10.0
kg are 0.3m apart. Calculate the force of
attraction between them.

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The phenomenon of light bending
round an obstacle is

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2 kg of water is heated with a heating
coil which draws 3.5A from a 200V
mains for 2 minutes. What is the
increase in temperature of the water?

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In a large telecommunications
auditorium, perforated absorbent
materials are used to line the ceiling so
as to

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A blacksmith heated a metal whose
cubic expansivity is 6.3 x 10-6
. The

area expansivity is

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The figure above shows 4 forces 3N,
10N, 3 3 N and 6N acting on a particle
P. The resultant of the four forces is

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A glass plate 0.9cm thick has a
refractive index of 1.50. How long does
it take for a pulse of light to pass
through the plate?

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The fundamental frequency of a
plucked wire under a tension of 400N is
250 Hz. When the frequency is changed
to 500 Hz at constant length, the
tension is

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Lenz’s law is a law of the conservation

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A gramophone record takes 5s to reach
its constant angular velocity of 4π rads-1
from rest. Find its constant
angular acceleration.

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Which of the following gas laws is
equivalent to the work done?

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A car of mass 1500 kg goes round a
circular curve of radius 50m at a
speed of 40ms-1

. The magnitude of the
centripetal force on the car is

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A 120V, 60W lamp is to be operated on
220V a.c. supply mains. Calculate the
value of non-inductive resistance that
would be required to ensure that the
lamp is run on correct value.

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A boy drags a bag of rice along a
smooth horizontal floor with a force of
2N applied at an angle of 60o
to the
floor. The work done after a distance of
3m is

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In the diagram above, if the magnetic
field points into the paper and the force
on a current-carrying conductor points
upwards, what is the direction of the

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A 40 kW electric cable is used to
transmit electricity through a resistor of
resistance 2.0Ω at 800V. The power loss
as internal energy is

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Silicon doped with aluminium and
germanium doped with arsenic become

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The instrument used by designers to
obtain different colour patterns is called

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Two long parallel wires X and Y carry
currents 3A and 5A respectively. If the
force experienced per unit length by X is
5 x 10-5N, the force per unit length
experienced by wire Y is

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The production of pure spectrum could
easily be achieved using a

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The energy E of a photon and its
wavelength are related by Eλ = X. The
numerical value of X is

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In the diagram above, a rod 50cm long
of uniform cross-section is suspended
horizontally on a fulcrum, F, by the
action of the forces. What is the
weight of the rod?

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Three cells each of e.m.f 1.5V and
internal resistance 2.5Ω are connected
as shown in the diagram above. Find
the net e.m.f. and the internal

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A string of length 4m is extended by
0.02m when a load of 0.4 kg is
suspended at its end. What will be the
length of the string when the applied
force is 15N?

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The bond that forms a semiconductor

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I. Use a liquid with a high melting point
II. Use a liquid of high volume
III. Use a capillary tube of large diameter.
Which of the above best describes how
the sensitivity of a liquid-in-glass
thermometer can be enhanced?

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A clinical thermometer is different from
other mercury in glass thermometers
owing to

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From the diagram above, the bob of the
pendulum has the fastest speed at

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