JAMB Physics 2005


JAMB Physics 2005

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If the system above is in equilibrium,
the tension in the string Q is

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The amount of energy released when
0.5kg of uranium is burnt completely is

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Two charged particles are projected
into a region where there is a magnetic
field perpendicular to their velocities. If
the charges are deflected in opposite
directions, which of the following
statements is true of the charges?

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The value of F in the figure above when
in equilibrium is

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The current in a reverse-biased junction
is due to

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The velocity of sound in air will be
doubled if its absolute temperature is

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The figure above shows a plot of angles
of deviation through a glass prism when
light is incident at θ degrees on the
prism. The incident angle that produces
the minimum deviation is

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A body of mass 36kg falls through a
viscous liquid which offers a drag force
of 260N on the body. The upthrust on
the body at terminal velocity is

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A 3m3

volume of liquid W of density 200
is mixed with another liquid of
volume 7 m3

and density 150 kgm-3
. The

density of the mixture is

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A force of 200N acts between two
objects at a certain distance apart. The
value of the force when the distance is
halved is

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A silicon material is dropped with an

element of a certain group and an n-
type semi-conductor is formed. The

most likely group of the element is

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In an a.c. circuit that contains only a
capacitor, the voltage lags behind the
current by

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A car battery rated 45AH is charged
with a charger whose rating is 2.5A.
How long will it take to charge the
battery fully?

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When impurities are added to semi-
conductors, the conductivity of the


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The North pole of a magnet can never
be separated from the South pole
because of a property known as

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A transformer is rated 240V. If the
primary coil is 4000 turns and the
secondary voltage 12V, determine the
number of turns in the secondary coil.

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J of heat is required to boil off
completely 2kg of a certain liquid.
Neglecting heat loss to the
surroundings, the latent heat of
vaporization of the liquid is

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When very hot water is poured into two
identical thin and thick glass tumblers in equal volumes, the thick one cracks

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A motorcyclist traveling at 30ms-1
starts to
apply his brakes when he is 50m from the
traffic light that had just turned red. If he
reached the traffic light, his deceleration

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The process whereby the molecules of
different substances move randomly is

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I. Melting II. Boiling
III. Refraction IV. Conduction.
Which combination of the above is
evident of the molecular nature of

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The charge carriers in gases are

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An object is projected from a height of
80m above the ground with a velocity
of 40ms-1

at an angle of 30o
to the
horizontal. The time of flight is

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Two liquids L1 and L2 are contained in a
U-tube. The height and the density of L1
are 8cm and 103
respectively. If

the density of L2 is 800 kgm-3

, its height
measured from the same level is

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The electric field intensity in a place
where a charge of 10-10C experiences a
force of 0.4N is

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Satellite communication network makes
use of

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When the temperature difference
between the wet and dry bulbs of a
hygrometer is high, this indicates that

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Marching soldiers crossing a suspension
bridge are usually advised to break their
steps to avoid damaging the bridge
owing to

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The ray which causes gas molecules to
glow is known as

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Which of the following materials is a

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The time it will take a certain
radioactive material with a half-life of
50 days to reduce to
of its original

number is

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If two inductors of inductances 3H and
6H are arranged in series, the total
inductance is

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I. Reproducibility II. Sensitivity
III. High thermal capacity
IV. High accuracy.
The qualities of a good thermometer

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A proton moving with a speed of
1.0 x 106 ms-1

through a magnetic field
of 1.0T experiences a magnetic force of
magnitude 8.0 x 10-14N. The angle
between the proton’s velocity and the
field is

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The sharpness of the boundary of the
shadow of an object is determined by

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The figure above shows three
capacitors, 2μF, 3μF and 6μF connected
in series. If the p.d. across the system is
12V, the p.d. across the 6μF capacitor is

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In the figure above, the work done by
the force of 100N inclined at an angle of
to the object dragged horizontally
to a distance of 8m is

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The resistance of a piece of wire of
length 20m and cross-sectional area 8 x

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A thin converging lens has a power of
4.0 diopters. Determine its focal length.

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In the circuit diagram of a transistor
above, the terminals P, Q and R

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The process whereby a liquid turns
spontaneously into vapour is called

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In the reaction above, X is

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In the figure above, the coefficient of
static friction is 0.5. If the tension in the
string is T, the acceleration of the
system in motion is

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An elastic material has length of 36cm
when a load of 40N is hung on it and a
length of 45cm when a load of 60N is
hung on it. The original length of of the
string is

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An electric device is rated 2000W, 250V.
The correct fuse rating of the device is

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A real image three times the size of an
object is formed 24cm from a
converging mirror. What is the focal
length of the mirror?

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The pair of physical quantities consisting
of vectors only are

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