JAMB Physics 2004


JAMB Physics 2004

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Metal rods of length 20m each are laid
end to end to form a bridge at 25o
What gap will be provided between
consecutive rails for the bridge to
withstand 75o

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Tea pots are often silver-coated to
prevent heat loss by

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A machine whose efficiency is 60% has
a velocity ratio of 5. If a force of 500N is
applied to lift a load P, what is the
magnitude of P?

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The difference between X-rays and
gamma rays is that

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Fluorescent tubes produce light by the

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Transverse waves can be distinguished
from longitudinal waves using the
characteristic of

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A 50W electric heater is used to heat a
metal block of mass 5kg. If in 10
minutes, a temperature rise of 12o
C is
achieved, the specific heat capacity of
the metal is

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The instrument used for securing a
large number of similar charges by
induction is called

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The binding energy of helium He is

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The energy stored in an inductor of
inductance 5mH when a current of 6A
flows through it is

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If the angle between two vectors P and
Q is 0o
, the vectors are said to

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What happens to the rays in a parallel
beam of light?

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Electrical appliances in homes are
normally earthed so that

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A person can focus an object only when
it lies within 200cm from him. Which
spectacles should be used to increase
his maximum distance of distinct vision
to infinity?

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As the pressure of a fluid increases, its

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A ray of light makes an angle of 35o with
a plane mirror. What is the angle of

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In the diagram above, the ratio of the
electric power dissipated in the 6Ω and
3Ω resistors respectively is

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A cell whose internal resistance is 0.5Ω
delivers a current of 4A to an external
resistor. The lost voltage of the cell is

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If 16mA of current flows through a
conductor in one second, the number of
electrons transported per second is

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Which types of mirrors are capable of
producing parallel beams of light such
as those arising from the headlamps of
a car?

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X-rays can be used in the study of
crystal structures because they

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When left in a freezer, a bottle full of
water cracks on freezing into ice
because of the

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A steady current of 2A flows in a coil of
emf 12V for 0.4s. A back emf of 3V was
induced during this period. The stored
energy in the loop that can be utilized is

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II. Medium of propagation
III. Wave velocity
IV. Frequency.
V. Energy.
Which of the above are used for
characterizing waves?

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The change in volume when 450kg of
ice is completely melted is

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To protect a material from the influence
of an external magnetic field, the
material should be kept in a

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A radioisotope has a decay constant of
. The average life of the
radioisotope is

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A body of mass 4kg is acted on by a
constant force of 12N for 3 seconds.
The kinetic energy gained by the body
at the end of the time is

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The diagram above shows forces 4N,
6N, 10N and 8N which act at a point O
in the directions indicated. The net
horizontal force is

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I. Jet-propelled aircraft
II. Rocket propulsion
III. The recoil of a gun
IV. A person walking.
Which of the above is based on
Newton’s third law of motion?

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In which of the following material
media would sound travel faster?

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The earth is four times the size of the
moon and the acceleration due to
gravity on the earth is 80 times that on
the moon. The ratio of the mass of the
moon to that of the earth is

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A generator-manufacturing company
was contracted to produce an a.c.
dynamo but inadvertently produced a
d.c. dynamo. To correct this error, the

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Which of the following is an electrolyte?

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In a hydraulic press, a force of 40N is
applied on the effort piston of area
. If the force exerted on the load
piston is 400N, the area of the large
piston is

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An a.c. circuit of e.m.f. 12V has a
resistor of resistance 8Ω connected in
series to an inductor of inductive
reactance 16Ω and a capacitor of capacitive reactance 10Ω. The current
flowing in the circuit is

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The pitch of a sound note depends on

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A moving coil galvanometer has a full-
scale deflection of 3A equivalent to 30o

deflection. The sensitivity of the
instrument is

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A man exerts a pressure of 2.8 x 103
on the ground and has 4 x 10-2m
of his feet in contact with the ground.
The weight of the man is

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Given three capacitors 0.3μF, 0.5μF and
0.2μF, the joined capacitance when
arranged to give minimum capacitance

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In a reversed biased junction diode,
current flows in by

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A 100kg box is pushed along a road with
a force of 500N. If the box moves with a
uniform velocity, the coefficient of
friction between the box and the road is

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Calculate the angle of minimum
deviation for a ray which is refracted
through an equiangular prism of
refractive index 1.4.

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For semi-conductors to have negative
temperature coefficient of resistance
implies that

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