Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition 2021 | win cash prizes (£100 to £1000)

  • Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition 2021 | win cash prizes (£100 to £1000)

  • Ebenezer880

    May 13, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition 2021 is now calling for entries. What kind of Africa do you envision in 2050? What future do you want and how do we create that future in the present? Share your story.

    The world is on fire. Under business as usual, scientists warn that by 2050 over half of the world could face water scarcity, unsafe levels of air pollution, and increasingly unpredictable weather events. The world is at a crossroads. If we act now, we have a unique opportunity to remake the world otherwise.

    What future do we hope for? What future do we fear? If you could write any world into being, what world would that be?

    The climate crisis is global, but it was not made and will not be felt equally. Africa is the continent that has contributed least to carbon emissions. Yet it stands to be most devastatingly affected by the effects of climate change, with limited resources to cope. Today, African perspectives on just transitions to a low-carbon world have never been more important.

    That’s why they have launched Africa@2050. They invite short stories or poems to the Africa@2050 Climate Fiction competition. Tell your stories of the future: what is your vision for Africa in the world in 2050? What challenges lie ahead, what dreams and hopes?


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