God’s promises are faithful

Topic: God Promises are Faithful

Text: John 14:1-3

Sometimes it is easy to promise or vow but very difficult to fulfill only those who get connected to the spiritual life or knowing what it means to give but there’s someone who is faithful, holy, and just whose life is blameless and spotless has made a faithful promise to us and in order for us to claim those promises we must be also faithful to God by obeying His command to His law, the things of this world is as a flashlight that also has been received, in another way they are temporal but the things which God has prepared and kept for us is good and better in our life God knows what is good for us and our life is secure when God is involved in our daily living.

We may not understand the challenges we face or what others are passing through no one on earth could help us even our pastor can’t help us because he or she is human like us but God is able to save us.

Even when we lose hope he’s there to help us when our friends and loved ones in Genesis 28:15 God has given us assurance that I am with you and will watch over you where ever you go is a faithful promise to God’s children who truly believe by faith So He’s watching over us not to be afraid nor panic He is leading His children through the Stormy life of this world IJN, Amen


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