God’s Love for humanity

Key Text: For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son that who so ever that believe should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

The central theme of this chapter is base on “Believe” let’s consider the life past was before God sent His son to redeem us from the bondage of sin we were dead in sin we never knew what Love is and but we think everything is a normal lifestyle not knowing that to God is unaccepted.

To those who claim His Love should come to the knowledge of the truth, Believe, Eternal life. In this generation, Believing is the hardest thing to find in a life of a believer.

How can you Believe in God?

Most people think that believing is by going to church not knowing that believing is more than just that. In mark 7:6-7 christ responds concerning what Isaiah the son of Amos prophesies saying in vain they do worship me laying aside the commandment of God but hold fast to the commandment of men.

God’s Love for humanity

Concept of Worship

It is quite true that most worship is unacceptable before God for since they ignore their maker then God has no delight in their sacrifice (Worship) another central theme of true worship will depend on those who hold fast the truth if only they will humble themselves and seek God then God is always with them 2 chronicle 7:14 now to those that know the truth if only we will seek Him day after day then God will also honour His people. Obedience to God’s command is essential to signal to God’s people all that God wants from us is obedient not as the world says it does not matter but it matters the most as a child of God who read the scripture with carefulness no apostle of God that disobey God and become successful but they work in accordance of order and instruction and they were honoured by God but in the present world they said it does not matter trying to infiltrate and misapply the context of the written word of God. So before we think of doing anything good to God, He, first of all, did it for us before we think of loving God He loves us first by sending His only begotten son to Reconciled us to Himself again so the question is how will you describe God or what sweet name will you give to God?

Some may say He is a mighty God, some may say He is wonderful, some may say He is my all and all, some may say a Creator but overall God is Love but still that Name is not enough to me call still looking for another name to call but is not enough for me His plan of salvation to humanity is the wonder of it all.

He is just and fills the whole earth with Love which can never be measure neither can be calculated but His nature of Love is still hidden to those that believe not in Him.

In the synoptic Gospel Mathew wrote what manner of Father ye have not as the worldly father who gave his son serpent when a request for fish or gave his son stone when a request for bread, but God when we ask one think he added additional five to us is God not wonderful? And in the record how God fed the children of Israel in the wilderness was a mystery to those that do not know God that in every Generation God has people that will stand even in the worst situation so that His Glory will manifest in the Life of his children God’s Love is unending, unmeasured, incalculable. His kindness refreshes daily in our lives and in Natural things around us.

It is why our adversary (Devil) is attacking God’s children everyday but God has an eternal victory over Satan, God is great and God is Love only to those who understand what God want from us and to share it within people around us for them to understand the nature of God’s Love to humanity some may not understand but through His servant and prophet they will come to Repentance.


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