In Jeremiah 1:5-10, We see that God explicitly made it clear to Jeremiah that Before He formed Him in the womb, He knew Him. This means nothing takes God by surprise He knows why exactly things are happening. In as much as We have choices, it never means that God does not know the choices We will make at any given point in time.

God told Jeremiah that He has been ordained to be a prophet even before He was born, though He said He was a youth, God told Him to fear no face, for He is with Him.

God proved to Jeremiah that He is the controller of everything, even though Jeremiah had taken Himself to be a youth that had nothing to say, God, equipped Him with His words. God is the Controller of everything, and if God should tell You that He is with You Then You have no need to fear. For in God says He has not given Us the spirit of fear but of boldness and of sound mind.

Ever since the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, our primary aim is to prepare others for Jesus’ soon coming. One could possibly ask, why doesn’t God who controls make everyone to just obey and serve Him, why should God not just make everyone to accept Him. God does not think in the ways of men; God wants Us to willingly love Him. He has control over everything and since We are made in His Image We also have that same control and that is the reason why We have control over our choices, over what We do, over what to say.

Sin is the only thing that has limited this power God has given Us. Jesus said all Power has been given to Him in heaven and on earth go ye therefore into the world and preach the gospel. Jesus was incarnated to be Man, but in Him was no sin at all, this is the simple explanation to Jesus’ control over everything around Him. Excluding the fact that He was the Son of God, if We want to participate in God’s power If You want to be a true image of God, We have to be like Him, You do not just have to be a man who looks like God, We have to also be like Him in character.

God is pure, He has nothing to do with sin, God also has control over everything. God from the beginning was the controller, He is the father, He already has the power, so for Us to be able to do the same things God does, for Us to have full control We have to be pure in the heart too, we have to be good.

To prove this further, we see How the disciples of old healed the sick raised the dead, cast out demons, gave sight to the blind, and a whole lot of other things they did to exercise the power they have over the world. These things cannot be possible if they still held on to sin, Sin is what limits Us, Sin is the cause of suffering, If We be like Jesus, all power will be given to Us.

Despite the fact that We are not saved by what We do, but We also need to do our best. For Us to share in the grace given to Us by Jesus, we have to be like Him, we have to strive to be like Him, this means We have to create a personal relationship with God, have time for the bible, tell others about God’s love, support His work, and many other ways. The key is to create a relationship with God, despite the fact that sin is eminent in Us, we need to do our best to stop sin. Putting an end to sin in our lives is very possible, the first thing We need is a willing spirit, if We are not willing to forsake sin, then it may appear to be impossible. A willing spirit should be accompanied by fervent prayer. God has given Us the power to overcome any temptation that may come our way, it is upon Us to choose whether to fall into temptation or to overcome it, but with a willing spirit to overcome, We will overcome it, knowing that no temptation stronger than Us can ever come our way.

In conclusion, My Brothers and Sisters, since God is in control of everything, and We are made in His image, We also have control over everything if We perfectly portray God’s image, which means not just appearing like God facially and in physical structure, but also doing things like Him too. We must forsake sin if We want to have control over this world, if We forsake sin We have control over more things than if You never did forsake sin at all. Though the control may still be limited because We are in the sinful world already, We would have all the power on earth. Forsake sin and partake in God’s power, forsake sin and be in control, and God will always be with You all the way in Jesus’ name.


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