Give thanks to God always

Topic: Give Thanks To God Always
Text: psalm 118:1; O give thanks to the Lord for he is good because his Mercy endureth forever.

When Jesus continued his journey towards Jerusalem ten lepers stood afar off and cried out for help Jesus knowing what their problems was couldn’t control his Mercy and compassion towards them, and he said to them go show thy self to the priest and testify of what the Lord has done in your life.

In that moment the people were heal and they went their way but one of them when he saw that he was heal came back to thank God of such amazing healing in his life with gratitude full of appreciation he fell on the ground and worship Lord God Almighty whom alone is immortal, and Jesus asked him didn’t ten lepers was heal where are the other nine? Only this foreigner has come back to thank God and he pronounced an everlasting healing upon him the only one who came back to thank God.

Sometimes the present situation has made us not to appreciate or thank God of what he has done for and we never sit down to recall our past life how God has help and saved us but we focus so much in the present life and even forget the future that as he lead us to this world he will also lead us till his everlasting promised is being fulfill sometimes we look at other people progressing in life and it become so doubting and discourage to us to know and to thank God but by faith those who trust in the Lord can never be deceive or move by the things of this world only grace will speak and mercy respond and miracle occur.

Christ is the only hope to all believers no one on earth could save us except Christ alone is good that we give thanks to God always and cease doubt in our heart so that we may see what God will do and continued to do for his children in this life and the next life to come in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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