Frequently Asked Questions

Yonskies Overview

Yonskies is a Cyber School. Secondary School, High School Leavers, Undergraduate Students and Postgraduate Students can use Yonskies to connect with fellow students, study and earn.

There is no registration fee to be a member of Yonskies. However, you may choose to pay for any paid-services on the site.

To use Yonskies you must be above 13 years of age.

YASH is the name of the virtual currency we use to record the amount a User has made on Yonskies.

You can make Yashes through the following ways:

  1. By selling school material(s) and other study-related material
  2. By publishing content such as Quiz, Poems, Sermons, and other scholarly articles
  3. By engaging in freelancing.
  4. By publishing a course/lecture series for students to enroll in. 

Yonskies is open to every one from every part of the world.

You can search for a specific person using the members directory or search icon.

Simply click on the “Become a Freelancer Link” at the top menu

Select the Service Category you want to offer

Enter the featured image for your service (optional).

Enter the title

Enter the task timeline which has to do with how long it will take for you to deliver the job.

Select the Level

Enter the Description of the Service you are offering.

Click the Submit Listing Button to send your listing for review.

Getting Started

On Yonskies Homepage, if you are not logged in, you will see the option to log in.. since you do not have an account yet, click “Register”

Enter all your information and click the register button.

Click on your profile photo at the menu position.

Click Profile

After the page loads, click “edit” to open the Edit Profile Tab.

Update your profile information and click “Save Changes”.

Click the Profile Photo at the menu

click Profile 

Click on the three vertical dots at the end of the profile tabs.

Click send invites,

Enter the email addresses you want to invite, you can also customize the invite text.

Finally, click on Send Invites

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