Divine Contact: Acts 8:25-40 and Matthew 11:25


In the present Generation, many things have been developing base on the idea God gives to man but we still lack many things which if we humble our selves God will reveal them to us.

Divine Contact

When the worship was over in Jerusalem there was this man that was longing to know God the more but where to began, how to start, and who to lead him was the but the bible says that the angel of the Lord whisper this word to the ear Deacon Philip saying rise up and go through that way that you’ll see someone who wants to know Me (God) more but before God directed Philip to the Ethiopian Eunuch God understand and knew his heart that he needed salvation in his Life and he shew humbleness but sometimes I raised this thought and question within me, can we find someone like Ethiopian Eunuch in this present world? Some people may say yes and some may say no but though everyone has wisdom given from God there are some things we need to withdraw from other people who know much better than us, though everyone read the scripture, not everything we can interpret on our own we still need help before God sends us this help there is something we must have to offer which is humbleness when Philip meets the Ethiopian there was no argument in between them though Philip may look down in his own personality God use the foolish thing to confound the foolish thing, God may use a weak thing to confound the mighty thing.

God sees the heart of Ethiopian and send someone who will expound the scripture to him and Ethiopian did not look down on Philip because he has no chariot or because he was not his class level rather he warmly welcome Philip and ask Philip to join him in his chariot Philip ask do you understand what you are reading and he replies how will I if no one explain and the bible says Philip open his mouth and began to explain and he did not argue about all what Philip taught him but he said to Philip here is water what holds you not to baptize me and he got baptize and be safe to fulfil the scripture mark 16:15-16, go to the world and preach this gospel that whosoever that is believe and baptize shall be saved but whosoever that believeth not shall be damned the Ethiopian Received his salvation that day after baptism he went home rejoicing what good news to hear and holy spirit took Philip to Azotus and Caesarea and he ministered over there to meet what heavenly demands.

If we want to know God we must imitate the character of Ethiopian Eunuch and pray for God intervention in our life that he should help us on what to say, not to speak from our canal mind and confuse ourselves or people around us so that we may not be found blameless and guilty from our error and we have to thank God too as christ thanks his father for not revealing these things to the wise, prudent, eloquent but He reveals them to babes (matt 11:25) meaning that God reveals this thing not unto rich, kings, Educated but to those who approach his throne with humbleness and meekness God needs those who will show meekness before Him. For it is written that God opposes the proud and give grace to the humble, may God help us through our daily living to seek Him with humbleness in Jesus name amen.


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