Topic: True Conversion
Text: John 3:3-10

Nicodemus was the teacher of the law (Pharisee) who seek the Lord with his heart but he thought of ]how to begin in order to protect his personality and maintain the Jewish standard he sought the Lord at night and Jesus knowing that he needed salvation Jesus began with his baptism outer and inner conversion but Nicodemus who never received the spirit nor understand the things of the spirit was confused at this point how could a grown-up man into her mother’s womb and be born again, and Jesus points to him again water and of the spirit but what we must understand here is that the kingdom of God is not a mere place of living is a state of divine government were peace and happiness is it anchor before Any one must see the kingdom of God or enter therein then the flesh must be crucified.

The body, the heart must be renewed and be in the standard that will be under the law of God as the spirit of God will lead him to do, Jesus points to Nicodemus what he must do in order to be saved and conform to the heavenly government.

Man need to undergo this process of purification in order to meet the heavenly standard and the heavenly things will be made known to him, anybody who seeks God with his or her whole heart pass through this process verses (8) says is that the spirit of God is like the wind which no one knows not how it came from but moves the trees the spirit of God in a man’s life is like the wind when the spirit came into the man he will not see it but the evidence is that the fruit that will produce in someone’s life that makes the heavenly Host to recognized the person among the saint of God and qualify the person to dwell with God in His mansion above.

Verses (9) Nicodemus still persist how could this process be carried out?

This let us know that where human knowledge stop the infinite wisdom begins, Nicodemus who never knew or received the spirit of God was extremely confused by this amazing encounter and Christ ask him if the earthly things are being expounded to you and yet no understanding how much more the heavenly things? God has sent His son Jesus Christ to lead us unto the father and we must follow that road and be saved now and forevermore Amen.


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