Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide: 2nd Quarter of 2021 Introduction

The Promise God's Everlasting Covenant

The second quarter’s theme for the 2021 Adult Sabbath School Study Guide is ‘The Promise God’s Everlasting Covenant’.

God made a covenant with Israel even before they knew about it. God’s covenant is motivated by love for the fallen race unlike Hobbe’s covenant in the passage that is motivated by fear. The covenant God makes with Us is for us to surrender our sinful ways, our fears, and our twisted notions of right and wrong to Jesus who will give Us His righteousness.

This righteousness is what would make even the former thief or adulterer appear as sinless as Jesus before God. This Quarter looks into what the covenant is, what it offers, what it demands, and how to live in covenant relationship with God.

Here is the table showing the list of lessons for every week in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

LessonTopicDateStudy guide page number
1What Happened?March 27-April 2119
2Covenant PrimerApril 3-9127
3“All Future Generations”April 10-16135
4An Everlasting CovenantApril 17-23143
5Children of the PromiseApril 24-30151
6Abraham’s SeedMay 1-7159
7Covenant at SinaiMay 8-14169
8Covenant LawMay 15-21177
9Covenant SignMay 22-28185
10The New CovenantMay 29-June 4193
11New Covenant SanctuaryJune 5-11201
12Covenant FaithJune 12-18209
13The New Covenant LifeJune 19-25217

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