Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide: 1st Quarter of 2021 Introduction

The 1st Quarter of 2021 theme for the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide is Isaiah Comfort My People.

The writings of Isaiah were very strong, emotive, poetic, and powerful. We will study these writings this quarter, the environment where he wrote these powerful writings, and most especially his God who called and inspired him. We acknowledge the Principal Contributor, Roy E. Gane, Editors, coordinator and Art Director, and Illustrator for bringing this lesson to Us at this time. Our special thanks go to God for inspiring them.

Here is an overview of the lessons for this quarter, click any of the lesson topics to see the review. The lessons that are yet to come do not have reviews yet rather they have a suggestion form for Users to send questions and contributions about the lesson, the reviews for the yet-to-come lessons will be available by the beginning of that lesson week.

  1. Crisis of Identity—December 26-January 1
  2. Crisis of Leadership—January 2-8
  3. When Your World Is Falling Apart—January 9-15
  4. The Hard Way—January 16-22
  5. Noble Prince of Peace—January 23-29
  6. Playing God—January 30-February 5
  7. Defeat of the Assyrians—February 6-12
  8. “Comfort My People” —February 13-19
  9. To Serve and to Save—February 20-26
  10. Doing the Unthinkable—February 27-March 5
  11. Waging Love—March 6-12
  12. Desire of Nations—March 13-19
  13. Rebirth of Planet Earth—March 20-26


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Expiration: March 26 2021



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