About Yonskies: Who We are and What We do

Yonskies stands for beyond the skies. The name reflects our mission and vision, we wish to take the internet users beyond the skies. Our aim is to make your internet experience perfect by providing the information you need.

Yonskies is an online educational platform which covers news, learning, studies, and lots of other education-related information.

As at 5th of August 2020 when this page was published, Yonskies has an employment strength of few persons since its launch in 31st July 2020.

Features of Yonskies

  1. Men fishing: When We look beyond the skies, You cannot expect to see outer-space darkness, that is not where it ends, Heaven is beyond the sky. One of the aims of yonskies is to draw men beyond the skies to heaven. While Yonskies adds to You physically through the services We provide, We also wish to add to you spiritually. However this choice is yours and We will not bug you with this kind of information especially if You are not interested in it. If You need to evangelize You can always contact Us or just subscribe to our platform.
  2. Africana Content: We currently specialize on creating help topics and useful information concerning African Universities. These topics range from Admissions, to School fees, Jobs, student portal help, and so on.

Africana Content Categories

Here at Yonskies We have a information for Applications of any kind especially when it is student-related, graduate jobs, admission lists, admission letters, school fees, portals, courses, requirements.

Here are the list of top education categories  in Yonskies.

  • Admission Letters,
  • Admission Lists
  • Admission Form
  • Student portal
  • School Fees
  • Contacts
  • Application Forms
  • Scholarships

Note that We wil keep updatig this section with new categories as time goes.

List of Countries where Yonskies is present

There are many countries that yonskies where yonskies focus on. We focus only on English-speaking countries for now, with  time We will include non-english speaking countries. The countries below are our countries of operation for now. Click the country to to the website containing its information.

If You have any questions always feel free to use the Yonskies contact page to reach Us whenever. We wish you success yon skies 🙂